Amac, United States, Randy Weaver discussed on Little Atoms - From the archive: Jon Ronson, October 2005


They were once supremacists they will why separatists which not world respect that you know they says they different thing um you know they dealt the new world order was going to get them today moved up to a cap in the top of the mountain in idaho uh cutting a golf course is not knowing amac is that far away from civilization annika or paranoid tonight go to preclude can get us that watching some the bushes and they were watch them from the bushes he here atf the us marshals sense undercover agence to get randy weaver to to become a an informant for them and spy on the nearby nazis and he said knows today in chopped him into sawing off a shotgun slightly below the legal limits nice on i'd have to become an informant press freedom 'cause i was going to get on a gun charge and under said no way and social himself in the cabin and what you had that it was like you know like i said earlier about you know david i had this is sort of spiral with nothingness on both sides inside the cap in the way this became convinced sits there watching him from the bushes and the people in the bushes watching them with became convinced that the weaver family this in know basically sweetened nutty little family with these little baby catch running around were lied in the us sa matthiesen yeah with with with landmines is compounds suddenly wasn't a cabinet imos a compound to they will i digress his you know enemy america faced and you know when he could not much paranoia emphasize it's gonna explodes unexploded with the fbi and the atf you know killing the little boy sami waiver and then killing vicki weaver in a who was unarmed who's just holding a baybay in that killed her the killed dog in and um.

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