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All things being equal, even though Tom Brady left went to Tampa won a Super Bowl in his first year proof that he could do it without Bill, lived in a place where he didn't have a guy who was as big of a tyrant as Belichick would have been, you know, lived kind of an easier life over the past couple of years. All things being equal, would he have rather found a way to have made it work here and stayed here forever, had Bill just kind of yielded a little bit. Yeah, I don't know. I think it's tough because I think what is there a tinge of sadness to him? I even thought after that first Super Bowl, he just kind of went through the motions of the Champa Super Bowl. He's like, yay, you know, like there's a piece of him that I don't know, the guy that was on the parade boat was by the guy in the parade but had a good time, yes. Yeah, that was not going through. But I always wonder if there's a piece of a little piece of him died when he left here that he just never wanted it to be this way, you know? I think what ended up happening and Alex Guerrero talked about this in some of the interviews that I did before the week four game right before the return to July stadium and that was he felt like he had deserved because of his accolades because of his experience. A more collaborative effort with Bill Belichick where it wasn't the same relationship coach to player as let's say it was for, I don't know, JC Jackson, or whatever random patriot player you want to name where Tom Brady was a step above. He was essentially a part of the hierarchy a part of the brain power, the brain trust in the Patriots organization as almost a player coach, right? To a degree or somebody that had a hand in decision making in terms of personnel and had a hand in decision making and turns a game planning. And all those types of stuff. And that was never the ship that Bill Belichick was going to captain. He was never going to run an organization where a player was on equal footing as the coach. And I think in a lot of ways.

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