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A. R. news on ninety two three FM good morning you're listening to Arizona's morning news on journey foster in for Jim sharp at six o'clock and we're following a number of stories for you at this hour governor do see is pulling the welcome mat from Nike but first stand this is hard to listen to a lot of internal under I'm not that he'd filled abusive and disturbing calls are being filled by Phoenix police dispatchers after a recent viral video of a shoplifting call that's our top story this morning here's Jamie west Phoenix city council sound this is yours relate to you to video of stunning profanity laced threatening calls to Phoenix I'm on one dispatchers following recent allegations of excessive force by officers hi I just saw a video of one of your off manhandling a black woman I want you to hear my voice and I want you to know that I thank you let's go live to KTA hours Jim cross yeah Jim accounts when the socio namely unedited video extremist terrorize nine one one operators warning a lot of strong language almost two minute video of callers braiding nine one one operators reversing the videos of police and some not so good but on the headlines in the past few weeks in which all young we thank you for your phone call now many of the callers refer to the cell phone video of a police response to the shoplifting call in may that involve an officer drawing his gun and shot like profanities at a family including two small children a Phoenix police Arjun Tommy Thompson says about eighteen hundred calls came into the funds that are during the period after video of the incident was released live it is our job across KTAR news and so this is your the councilmen who release that video he's schedule to join us a little over an hour from now so we'll talk to him about that and if you want to listen to that call we've got a link to it A. R. dot com although I would keep the little ones away censored yes very uncensored all right traffic not as obscene as yesterday from what I understand at least not yet been solving joining us now the valley should be dealers traffic center yeah definitely not as exciting but that's always going to be a good thing for you you know you've got a couple of free ways that are getting going with those delays and one of them of course is going to be I. ten eastbound delays approaching sixty Seventh Avenue toward Seventh Avenue also if your own I seventeen looks pretty good you start break tap around Indian school road if you are heading south bound and that continues through the Durango curve to about seven seventy two no delays yet for you one I ten America the freeway so if you are heading east or westbound between the two two Santana freeway in the Broadway curve that still looks good this report it's sponsored by Creighton University Creighton University is proud to bring new and expanded programs in the health.

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