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Blackhawks win six to a four point weekend for them, they outscored Detroit 10 to 3 over these two contests. Tomo get the win column A couple of times. Here's the postgame show rolls on up until the top of the hour. We brought you all of the post game. Reaction in its entirety, along with some awkward zoom moments that we will sometimes have here when we do that for you, but six to again your final Some of the things that you heard Jeremy Carlton, talk about anything particularly stand out. I know. One of those questions, was asked about the workmanlike effort that they needed to bring here to show that they could take another step. Keep the progress going, and I think that's something that Jeremy was was pretty satisfied with here today, really impressed here in the last couple games to see how the building process on how they want to play his has come along here. I thought tonight that there was You know you're going to get hemmed in and Have your moments where you're being dominated by the opposition team. But I thought the structure in all areas was really good. They they've started picking off a lot of plays in the neutral zone there passes were crisp tape to tape coming out of their own end of the ice. Um and very few times in this game, And if you can think of one, I can't off the top of my head where they really missed manage the puck less scrambling while they were smarter when they when they had, you know, in the neutral zone, if if there wasn't place that weren't there The chip pucks in and they very seldom. Did you see Bernie a play the puck, so they were putting into areas where Detroit had to go back on. Do you could get a four check in or if you're making a line change, get some structure in your neutral zone Defense system. I just I was really impressed. How much is that of the Blackhawks? And how much is that Red wing team that you know, looked like it was struggling, but I gotta throw it into the corner of the black arms. It'll be a better test as you move forward. You know, you're gonna play Nashville that on paper, like everybody saying is a better team. Tampa was really tough to play against. You make mistakes against those type of players with that type of talent. And, um, you're not going to keep the puck out of your net. So you did a lot of things right that you could build on here. But don't get ahead of yourself moving forward. You've won two games in a row, which is great. There's so many positives in this game, but you know, just just temper. You know the enthusiasm and make sure that you prepare the right way to play those back to back games Tuesday, Wednesday against Nashville. It's going to be tough that are hardworking team, but what you've seen here over the last two games here, I think there's tremendous progress in the way. That this team identity is going to develop, and that's important for Jeremy and what he wants to reinforce and again when you get results like this. If you play well, and you think you're You're heading in the right direction. But you lose. You still build off a lot of stuff. But when you get reinforced with six goals for even strength goals in this one Um, actually, five even strength calls right? Yes, IBM strength cool. They only had four in the first five games that five on five so It really gives the players an opportunity to absorb what Jeremy's message is reinforcing it by the video saying, Listen, here's where we get results. Show the guys going to the front of the net. This is how you score goals in the NHL. This is how you manage the pocket the tail end of a shift. This is what you do, so they've got a lot of good stuff that they can work with here. And the players need to buy into that and again don't get ahead of yourself. This is a long season and lots of work to do and you still earn a position where you're under 500. But boy, a lot of good things came out of these two games against the Red Wings and two individuals don't ask about before we do. We cut you loose here. And that is Adam Beau Quist had himself probably his best game of the year in new You pointed out, a couple of Couple of real good and smart things that he did today. Yeah, and again, you know, you look at a few suitor and he's 24 years of age. Both questions only 20. So you forget that you don't give Bo quest another four years of maturity and see where he's at. Without being picky where he were his players right now, But I thought that he looked a lot more confident playing in this game this afternoon for the place that he he made, he won some battles. I didn't notice anything in the defensive zone that stuck out in my mind and a lot of times when I'm watching it. John's calling that the aim and ill mentally, you know, make a note that okay, he's on the wrong side. Of the player, whatever, blah blah. I thought he was really good in that area tonight, Paris afternoon, and he made great plays when he got the puck. He was He was smart with what he needed to do and really kind of, I thought had a solid game here. He's playing with knocking Keith, which always helps the one guy that I thought I had a really good game. And if he can continue on here and stay healthy is Calvin, don. I thought he was really good in this game. Yeah. And finally, let's let's go to the net here, Kevin Lincoln and you know Another solid performance and and he kicked..

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