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I complain long enough for you to Google it well now I mean you know I just you know the cowboys in the eagles are in the playoffs last year it was pretty easy to figure out all right Jack strenuously object you want the first pick I'll give it you know I know hello bill Belichick for sandy Reid that's the first one I'm gonna go with right there that's the one I'm I'm extremely excited to see that match up right there you know we talked a little bit about you know of course what the patriots did last year the AFC championship game really a defensive game plan and coverages that I've never seen anybody do in the history of the NFL it was gutsy and smart and all of that and now what will be the next move by both coaches and of course Kansas city's offense has not been hitting on all cylinders as of late last week was the first time we saw the patriots defense get torched a few times and you know there's some similarities here yeah it's a big arm quarterback with some really fast receivers at its disposal and I just I'm intrigued by that match of the Sunday yeah and and look we talked about it earlier how will Andy Reid anticipate what bill Belichick's going to do how they react on the fly to what they see I think it's gonna be a critical game of in game adjustments halftime adjustments second half adjustments to figure out how the patriots are deploying and also you know defensively what will seize Bagnall owned company due to try to continue the woes of the patriots have suffered because last year the pager trailer put enough together late offense ability to win the AFC championship this year they they don't have the answer so become even more important right for the New England defense try to shut down the kids city office right I I'm I'm taking a match up that I blurted out earlier in the show and I'm glad you didn't go there first I am far more intrigued by Palestinian versus on page yeah because they are the two masters of coming up with the place where you are I could throw the past the guy who is wide open the play that blows wide open in the running game are we seeing it from Peyton over the years we've seen a from Shanahan a lot this year and they're playing in perfect right up a perfect conditions know whether to worry about in the Superdome yeah the forty Niners will have their bodies adjusted the state of Florida all week no this is a no excuses high stakes game for the forty Niners the opportunity to try to put themselves in position to win the division try to get the number one seed the saints currently hold the number one seed this game you know is I think it even bigger than last week's forty Niners right I think worry we were fascinated because it was a potential Super Bowl preview yeah this is a far more significant game in the NFC as to who's going to have to play wild card weekend who's gonna be on the road wild card weekend because it could be the forty Niners and which team is gonna end up with a number one seed I think the winner of this game is has a very good chance of being the number one seed and if your the sea hawks yeah right who you're rooting for in this one well I guess you're you're gonna root for that's the good question who are you going to root for I would I was gonna say saints right off the bat I guess still the saints right you just want the saints out of there so well now you know now you said you still have to be the forty Niners week seventeen so well the saints out of a conversation make week seventeen one cedar five C. get the saints out of their armored for the forty Niners from a Seahawks fan because I know I still have to be the forty Niners week seventeen are not winning the division anyway well I'm trying to think right now I mean the so you don't what what if what if what is the tie breaker gonna come down to as far as the the the sea hawk I think it I think it it because the hawks lose weight seventies and as a tie it maybe like strength of victory yeah I do maybe one of these both of loss to the ravens right now and and you know yeah you're right it would be the loss to each other and another NFC opponent so okay yeah you're right that's that's a good question that I didn't even think about that you're right but the I'm with you Mike I it's a really awesome they're both defenses that are really good both top ten defenses these two play callers in game plan designers are going to be going to have to be at their best if they want their team to win so I'm with you there are I'm gonna go to Baltimore buffalo a game that is kind of under the radar for one of the better games all of the day on Sunday and this is a Baltimore offense is the number to offense in football it's the buffalo defense that's the number three defense in football and the specific match up I'm really kind of want to watch is is Lamar Jackson versus Jermaine admins and mac Milano the two middle linebackers for the Buffalo Bills you know without saying the front seven verse you know but the where I find that intriguing is those two linebackers are one of the better linebacker duos in all of football they're extremely athletic they're great in the pass game they're awesome sideline to sideline in the run game the kind of athletes that could be a pain in the **** for Lamar Jackson when he does run on the outside so I I'm I'm intrigued by that match up all together course Greg moat Roman Sean McDermott and all that but just back it alone when those guys are spying Lamar Jackson and then when he does get out on the edge these are two linebackers that can that can run him down and have tremendous speed and you know okay you can play that way side on the sidelines so I'm excited to see that I rarely have ever done this yeah I'm reluctant to do it about me to go ahead do not I'm gonna wait till next round to do it I'm doing it now yeah because for a guy who and we just started this segment with you complaining about Josh Alan not getting enough recognition why in the hell is your match up not Lamar Jackson verses Josh our well because they're search some time I know I'm that's retired I don't want you to answer it let me finish yeah because we are searching for the next Peyton manning Tom Brady right and what is once Tom Brady's gone the bills take over that division one of the ravens in the process of taking over the AFC north and will continue to do so for as long as the mark Jackson is the starting quarterback this could be the first match up between these two guys that we could see every year we could see it in the playoffs I am fascinated by you know because what we we've looked at the whole round robin Lamar Jack's impact the homes to Sean Watson as we search for the next great quarterback rivalries it could be staring right out of the day yeah and Josh out little Marge Jackson in shame on you for not putting Josh Allen in that mix with the March Jackson you the guy was trying to bang the drum for Joe and for Josh Alan well I a lesson yeah I got can't argue with that really anything you said you know sometimes what happens to me as I get to in the football weeds and I think about actual match ups like when they're on the field then you're you know you're better at looking at that way I don't always think of it that way because I'm always going to go who's going head to head outside where my mind goes so I'm sorry but you're right I mean I don't even know that picture count for you but okay I just picked Lamar Jackson verse somebody and you're gonna piggy back off of it but either way you're right that I picked a better match up and well it's the sexier match of causes two quarterbacks and Josh Allen has superstars traits as we see every week we see things are we go whoa that's Brett farb type of throw and then it's you know a really impressive run in scramble so I get you all right so good pick by you you're still a jerk but get back I think I think I want to go to the night Hey I'm think I'm just gonna may but make it old simple bears all line versus Chicago I mean bears deline verse the cowboys all line all right because I look at it like this I think that's where this game is going to be won or lost tonight I think the bears therefore on Khalil Mack letter Floyd one of them are going to have to make a play whether that's a strip sacked fumble tip a pass in the air hit dak Prescott AZ he's throwing the ball popped in the air I don't think the bears can win without that type of play I I really don't because I don't think they're often to be able to move the ball consistently on Dallas is defense I think that'll be a struggle and I think they're gonna have to rely on their defense to give them the short field at least one time tonight and whether that's Khalil Mack a row Kwan Smith or somebody like that making a play that front seven of the bears is gonna have to make a play tonight for them to pull out this victory against the Dallas Cowboys in we'll Dallas smash mouth some with this eco alley and do all that it's that's intriguing to me yeah I I agree with you and looked at it as this late in the season on Thursday night you you never know what you're going to get because in April it looks good by December it may not even though both teams are six and six a significant game tonight that's a significant match up in it I'm gonna go to Sunday in the desert a rematch of Super Bowl forty three that was the first Super Bowl ever personally attended the epic between the cardinals and the Steelers the Steelers desperately need this win and they need to be able to control Kyler Murray he was off the injury report completely all was they had a hamstring problem last week he's fine he's healthy calmer again said Steelers front seven how are they going to be able to corral this guy are they going to be able to corral them are they can be able to keep up with them is he can be able get rid of the football make quick decisions against a defense that will be as good as any he's ever seen the Steelers need this win badly but Murray has been I don't wanna say spectacular this year but he's done enough to make me think that next year he's going to be the Lamar Jackson he's going to be the guy that we talk about every week if they can get some help around that's right it took a year for a little you're for Jackson to get to that point it took a year from home to get that point because he was on the bench all of his rookie season but I feel like the next big thing next year is going to be Tyler Maria and this is the biggest test yet for him and and it makes you know even though the the cardinals are done that they're not giving up court and not voting the tense right they didn't look great against the rams but I think that that match have given the significance of the Steelers can they solve Kyler Murray it's gonna be a major factor in whether not the Steelers can get that sexy I would imagine that the the cardinals are gonna be pissed off about their performance last week too which is more dangerous for pets very well I'm with the with calamari if they can just improve that offense a line a little bit weather is the draft or free agency get him another weapon or two in the passing game yeah I've seen enough this year to go he has a chance to be really special you know Lamar Jackson Patrick my homes they got the take over teams that were playoff caliber type team that a lot of the pieces in place you know Arizona has a little more work to do to done to build some shop around Colin Murray all right that's it for the week fourteen matchup draft Sims has into reverse bill Belichick Ammar Jackson versus the bills linebackers the cowboys online for the bears the line I've got Callahan Evers Sean Payton Lamar Jackson verses Josh our number here is no it's not shop season this is the Steelers front seven verses calamari alright we'll we'll make our picks for Thursday night would have to live continues right after this.

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