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I don't think it's about that uh you know it will come stepbystep each through that you football or in every sport it's important to get rewarded by by us forth because you wake up every morning for that uh to get rewarded by trophies and the but as i say the tottenham he's a he's an ambitious club we need to be humbled to we don't have the same level as a some or the club like manchester united like much the city like chelsea they get to you get used to to win the league but you know i believe that a soon as we get the i will feel it will it will happen behind you and you believe we can do that at wembley hopefully we don't know what we don't know what will up in the most simple and feel is to feed will at wembley this who have the right filling tried to try to try to create a real at most fair human blair and we know that in one season will get all stay jim and we'll be fantastic shock obviously mentioned the top but one of the top five goalkeepers in the world and and it is true i think if we to us most football fans you'd be on that list how do you go up out improving yourself shotstopping bility's second to none is it just a daytoday ambitions get bathroom bats exactly you know i'm thinking they by the i'm lucky because iran meal of the right people the first one is the gotha super continue.

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