President Trump, Chief Executive, Rudy Giuliani discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow & Elisa Jaffe


Has the right it's not legal there's no legal precedent is never been done before it's never been challenged in a core it's never been discussed by the supreme court legal scholars are very very much split on this issue and so whether the president does have the right to pardon himself is a big question mark among legal scholars those questions is whether or not anybody under any circumstance can act as a judge in their own trial initially you'd think no but then you know here comes the chief executive well that's in the language that gives the president authority to grant a pardon part of the constitution it says he will have the power to grant pardons great and yourself as jury and executioner and so whether or not he can grant himself which normally means granting to another person i is a big question like if he is able to do it for himself but as the chief executive then there's the question of would it stand up in court and the supreme court hasn't discussed this rudy giuliani took it a step further and happy to impose this weekend he said i whether the president sean james komi he'd be impeached the next day impeach him and then you can do whatever you want to do to him and so whether the president can be charged with a crime well he's a sitting president is another legal question if he was charged with a crime in would he parted himself then preemptively or if he thought he would be charged with a crime what he himself preemptively or would it then go to.

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