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Next look at news at six thirty headlines now with roles at the one jet news desk the next twenty to thirty minutes could be as storms pop up in the area thirties have arrested a man who talked about setting off a bomb on the fourth of july in cleveland and president trump says he's met with four potential supreme for candidates one more story you'll want to hear if you wanna live longer this week new study says drink coffee that's smart we'll have those stories at six thirty on newsradio ten twenty katie kao some stories i hear about studies that i think really what are they studying here can you really believe that you believe this jumping into deep end feet i i'm all just wait till next week maybe you now i this shows how can the temperature get in the united states what's the record for the hottest outdoor temperature ever recorded in the us and where did that happen this doctor you know each in a nutshell the all time whether bureau record for the hottest day in the us is one hundred and thirty four degrees fahrenheit that record was set on july tenth nineteen thirteen at death valley california interestingly that hottest everyday in the us is now also recognized as the world record the previous world record of one hundred and thirty six degrees in libya is not recognized now because of reported faulty instrumentation so the one hundred thirty four degrees at death valley california stands as the hottest day ever officially recorded in the united states.

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