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Up on the radio right now, with bread Heather Wayne. It is official Carton and Roberts will be the afternoon drive show on the Fan Craig Carton and Evan Robert's starting a week from Monday. 2 to 7 boomer size in cartons, old partner. Maybe announcement this morning on the fan and card is going to be on the air by himself today for an hour from 5 to 6 to tell his story after a three year hiatus, and the years spent jail for wire and securities fraud to feed a gambling addiction. That's 5 to 6 on the fan today. Pardon is replacing Joe opening Go, who announced his retirement earlier this week after a terrific 25 years at the fan, the poster says Mayor De Blasio is doing everything he can to stop the Mets sail to Steve Cohen. But the Blasio's office says Don't believe what you read. A spokesman confirmed a phone call with MLB commissioner Rob Manfred, but says it's just part of the due diligence. As the city law Department reviews the sale. The city feel least does give the mayor tow the power to intervene during any kind of change in ownership. Net sales scheduled to be voted on by the other and they'll be owners tomorrow and Cohen it's expected to be approved. The Giants just announced that one player has tested positive for covert 19, an unnamed player that players not the facility today. Any close contacts are also staying home. But the team is proceeding as normal. Otherwise practices scheduled today as the Giants get ready for the Bucks on.

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