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Twenty seventeen. Kelly was dominated for both a latin grammy for collaboration with colombian megastar quantities and a grammy for best performance. And this year. She took a grammy home for her collaboration with producer. Caterina on this song. ten percent. Keep though. Kelly has always sung in both english and spanish. Her early songs and her first album were primarily in english. But in late twenty twenty. She released her first spanish language. Latin album titled seamy though which means without fear. It was considered a risky move for an artist who's fan base was primarily based in the united states still. The album has met with success a few months. After the was released. The song by dea rocketed to the top of the latin music charts. Only in this how. I made it segment where we highlight me creators. And the work. They may colucci's talks about her childhood in colombia the importance of sisterhood and why she decided to ignore those who told her not to sing in spanish. My.

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