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When I was growing up my both my parents worked and when I was probably six <unk> six at six or seven but before you not go to school my grandmother would be the one who took care of me all the time and I would you know when you're little you know oh you just call her called her mom just because she was the woman was taken care of me because my you know birth mother was at work. Dad was at work but the crazy thing funny thing is I still call her mom to this day. I mean some people think it's weird or whatever but I it's. It's you know mom can help you know she she she she was in that role right absolutely absolutely so talk a little talk to us about your <hes> your grandmother's because this is what the foundation is in remembrance of so. I do you think that <hes> molded you and <hes> we're you weren't in a fatherless bliss home situation because there. I mean <hes> the whole family structure. Modem me <hes>. My grandparents accented that it wasn't <hes> my my mom. My Mom and dad raised me strong. <hes> and my grandparents were dead to support that plus some you know to to to bring <hes> a reference point of reference says well because you know unlike today. I still respected what my grandparents said right and when they said it wasn't like I'm GonNa tell mom on you grandma. That didn't happen as you try that once. AH GRANDMA SAYS GRANDMA that that was what she say yeah. It wasn't like going thickened opinion but will just to finish this. This line is I'm picturing by grammar there too and when you saw your mom respecting her you know you couldn't circumvent that right <hes> and I I wasn't even paying attention to the time we got some rapid fire. Questions were real good. Oh Seattle time here pretty quick so <hes> before we do some rapid fire and some other topics so <hes> what's the call to action. How would people find out about the organization. Get Involved Gault caught the accident definitely visit my website at Edessa ends allying foundation dot org a different family me on facebook as well but <hes> I'll be. I would be remiss if I didn't go through some some some quit. satistics real fast just give people an idea of the epidemic. DEMOC fatherless homes crimes eighty percent of the youth or who are come father's homes end up in prison seventy percent <hes> juvenile's in state operating institutions and this is all from the immune recorded dot dot Org <hes> if you education sediment percent highschool drop-outs our forefathers homes <hes> behavior you got decision to use what's the percentage of dropouts seventy one percent seventy one hundred one percent behavior. Yes sixty three percent for us. You suicide of a father disowns <hes> eighty five percent of us. Who Show behavior have you disorders cover father's homes ninety percent are followed his homes? Children are runaways health you got senator percent of adolescents percents <hes> or chemical dependent and also we look at the mess shooters the secret in order that or the <hes> the unknown truth most of them come from fatherless homes white or black was that white and black white and black her chromosomes because a lot of them have behavior issues right they had trust issue have bandmann issues and again none of these figures drop below forty fifty percent and then we look at the <hes> the <hes> the child's sex three auto moto shouldn't cover forest home so if when young girls who as as well as a young man. I mean it's kind of daunting or just <hes> it's almost too much to try to wrap your head around <hes> but I mean what organizations are taking the lead on this. I mean <hes> like the boys club. Whatever right or maybe the NO <HES> DO my research. I'm I'm shocked by the number that are not out there <hes> again. It's a salad epidemic. <hes> black community does not want to talk about it for whatever reason and white community. I. I don't think we the sees it as as their problem because again ninety nine percent of Ah here's that on the mentorship program Gwinnett county particularly that black minority primarily black so if they feel Caucasians occasions <hes> kids caught up in the system like this so again you have the hear no evil speak no evil see no kind. China thing <hes> but again you cannot turn on the news and see the implications of what happened in nineteen sixty five so I mean are are there. <hes> celebrities are thought leaders or taking any elite on this or <hes> what. I what I've seen personally seems team. Steve Harvey Yeah. You saw your personal facebook about Steve. He's he's big on this and he's the one that I've seen most prominently <hes>. He's doing a great job getting word out there there a couple of movies out there <hes> father this <hes>. I believe the movie came out. That's that's on my facebook page. So <hes> <hes> this gentleman who went around the country interviewing <hes> <hes> not only single mothers also single man who who who have been racing in a single parent households he came from a single payer hassle so the movie out definitely recommend this going to youtube. Youtube and and going to the site <hes> and just seeing first hand hearing stories of first hand wouldn't that they the effects of <hes> going up without a father. What do you think that the possibility of <hes> kind of reversing that legislation we can get the government involved to reverse some some of that and given incentive <hes> to keep the fathers in the home rate <hes> that I think that'd be very challenging in this Puerto Rice political environment environment now first of all the Democratic Party has to come to grips so what they did to relax and particularly and particularly not he sixty five and secondly blacks to look in the mirror and say this is a situation too and then move forward because come it doesn't do anything without the people stand ended up the same. We want you to do this immediate. I mean I don't know how to phrase this but sometimes I see like <hes> <hes> someone being featured on some of the outlet it and it's the mom with the kids and they're kind of applauded in celebrated that this mom raise the kids on their own right but at and and I'm I'm not trying to smerch women who are out there doing this anything new. I mean you know there were periods and mother's raising kids kids before Nineteen sixty-five i._T.'s before but as you as you said the celebration of it now yeah with that the more more weight right to say you could do this post.

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