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You're listening to inside if you with Michael Rosenbaum rob Michael did. I miss you. Sometimes you're not on the show, while I'm always on the show. You're out. Sometimes not here for intros some tension. I hear for interest now, sometimes you not here for an episode. Yeah. But we haven't aired really money of those yet. Yeah. Well, I'm just saying that. Sometimes I miss you. I miss you, too, when I'm gone. Is that true? It is now because you, you do really well over with Dax and he's a great guy and I love him to death. But like that's a big. That's a it's a big show to big. And you're doing well and I'm am excited for you. I hope you don't forget about the little people here. Great show, we got this great week, actually. It's smallville week small darn to do two weeks. A small Ville week announced both episodes. Yeah. Well, we'll announce that this week we've got Kristin tomorrow. Yes. We do. We haven't I in crude tomorrow today. We have two guys that really gave me the biggest opportunity in my life, the creators of smallville. They always they also created into the badlands, Shanghai. Nights. I mean the list goes on. They've worked with so many great people, they're constantly working. I think they're too driven. They don't stop. But their story of how they came together, and how they met and how they became it's a love story. It really is. A love story. You know, it's like this one English guy, he's like, you know, kind of settled in miles in out like ASO anyway. And I just I love these two guys and they're probably going you fuck. Well, I don't sound like that. But they just wrote a book double exposure, check it out. Let's get inside the creators of smallville Al Gough and miles Miller. It's my. Listening to inside of you with Michael Rose. Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum was not recorded in front of a live studio audience. This is really you guys hot. No, we're good. You just tell me if you're hot. Okay. I'm pretty hot our you. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Welcome to smallville week, folks. This is the interview with the creators of small will the guys that made it all happen. Now these guys have been friends. I've known them for quite some time, you know, this is exciting for me because we've talked about how you listen to the podcast. I do. I've, I've been a longtime listener from the beginning. Yeah. And you just text me, your love this open because you're busy guy. And it's just like I slept children. So I'm in the car a lot, right? But honestly, I think my favorite, the one where I was like, well, Michael really has this down was your Jimmy Connors interview really thought that was great. And I I love that too. You know what's funny is, you know why? Because you didn't know him I didn't know him and I was scared and and was really sense that I was nervous could not sent you were nervous, but I had your questions were good. And I've been a longtime Jimmy Connors fan from back in the day when boos him in McEnroe. Yeah. And you Mike and Rebecca, I was much more of a McEnroe guy as a kid, but I thought Jimmy Connor, always these, like, he's really like mild. But at his rage on my. See you guys all Bose always pushing this narrative. Now, if you're wondering how Al wishing this look mile speaks in an English accent. He has a nice, British accent. Is it totally fake? Is it really British? He's from Britain. He's right. Yeah. But, but it's a little mid Atlantic now, I call it is this. It's true. Yeah. What do you mean mid Atlantic? So it's somewhere in the Bermuda triangle. Yeah. Was just gonna lost in translation. Yeah. A little bit. I like this show is called inside of you in most time, I deal with actors directors producers musicians athletes, and really I interviewed David nutter David's fantastic..

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