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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg discussed on Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane


Damn feel to it high schools to fifty tonight though showers could be heavy handed chance of a thunderstorm to any time from about ten o'clock through two three four o'clock in the morning actually right through those night time hours and then tomorrow clearing becoming mostly sunny by the afternoon but it's windy tomorrow high forty five to fifty a chilly one on Friday mostly sunny and a high near forty this is W. C. B. S. W. C. B. S. H. WCBS FM HD two president trump will discuss the corona virus six PM news conference he is called at the White House Bernie Sanders was clearly the target Michael Bloomberg at last night's democratic presidential debate in South Carolina told like looms on the New Jersey Turnpike in the garden state parkway sensing days today for the school bus driver in the deadly crash in mount olive on route eighty two years ago Amanda shot and killed by police in queens with accounts of the shooting from Nassau County Rangers over the islanders what a game it was overtime for the creative devils win and the Aggies fans for about three separate drizzle today on Wednesday more than just the headline this is WCBS newsradio eight morning rain cabin Palmer name at nine this is C. B. S. news on the hour your home for original reporting I never Rodriguez the democratic presidential candidates for in a combative mood in Charleston last night they went after each other but mostly the front runner Bernie Sanders.

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Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg discussed on Wayne Cabot and Paul Murnane

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