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Reported in the Tahoe daily Tribune in Spooner lake state park is going to receive a big facelift which is going to include a visitor center and an empath theater as well as multiple improvements across the park this is being paid for by the Nevada division of state parks and a nonprofit Tahoe fund so the folks in the better paying for yes they are some folks in California get to enjoy it but the people in Nevada pay for you drive across the lake I guess that's true right deal from the California yeah what what it's like the only thing we don't have the I wanted to bring this up I just is so interesting because we did a segment a few months ago on the butterfly expert remember that they the guy here yes he's from UC Davis when he counts butterflies he counts butterfly yes right I didn't realize what a big thing this was but in Mexico the body of a second butterfly conservationist has been found there been two killed in Michoacan just in the last couple of months so there's a visual monarch butterfly bio sphere reserve in Michoacan okay and there are a bunch of conservationists who work there they give tours they count butterflies they they you know try to track what's happening with the monarch butterflies but the reserve is threatened by illegal logging human encroachment also when you say killed you mean but maybe by poachers or some right by poachers but it is the second butterfly experts to be killed just in the last few months in Michoacan I found that very interesting deserving I was gonna say who would think that someone who devote their life to the science of butterflies it would be in danger right exactly so they're trying to figure out how they're gonna move in and protect that reserve which is a UNESCO world heritage site and protect these conservationists who are there trying just do the work of the monarch butterfly so I know you've done some research on this and in three minutes you're gonna talk about some of the hot new tech trends but the one thing that really caught my ear this morning's when you said I can try on clothes virtually once think about it it's a big problem you order stuff online you can't try it on you have to wait till it gets to your causes all kinds of shipping problems that's one just one of seven tech trends we're gonna go through coming up Sacramento voices you can try your busy at work we have a whole world of.

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