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So I did dot co. So shop fidelity dot co. She is the cutest dresses. And you have jumpsuits. Yes, I have one of those. Yes. And I'm actually adding. I wanted to start smaller and do just dresses than I added jumpsuits in our next release. We're gonna add some tops too. Q.. So they have some really cute stuff in the discount code is going to be what we said yet. So for all you guys. Yeah, lucky listeners lucky listeners at home. Well, thank you so much being brave and vulnerable. Micro-society. But I know it takes a lot to like share this kind of stuff and it out into the world, put it out, there will not that the whole entire world listens to our podcast put out for the milk. But anyway, we really appreciate it. And we know that that's hard, especially because you haven't been super open about it in the past, so we appreciate you and we're really grateful that you came on. Yeah. Is there anything else you wanna say channels now? I think you summed it up honestly, whenever like I just get science. I'm so into the story, say, like three words. Yeah, I'm just like over and I'm like, oh my gosh, I, I was listening to podcasts and not like actually on it. Yeah. So now we are very good storyteller and like I like she is so strong like Eva. Thank you. I just like you have your together, feel like. I feel like that has been also, one of my mottos is like going through trials makes you stronger. It really does, which sounds so cliche, but it does like you go through something hard and you take something better out of it, you you get a lesson out of it, and you can put that into your life and like build up your portfolio or set, you know, through all the trials you've been through and take out the good things through those what you've learned through those trials and make yourself a better person them. So I feel like I have gotten a lot stronger through going through. Yeah. No, you don't have to be a victim and say, why me poor me a- you can make something good out of it. Definitely. And I think that's basically the motto of this podcast. Yeah. So anyway, thanks so much for listening guys. If you wanna took us out on Instagram or on any social media site where they're at, what was. And then you guys can Email us if you want to send us a story in a coma. Anything suggestions? Yeah, at Hello. What we said podcast dot com or Damase either works, but thanks so much for listening guys, and that's what we said..

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