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Download digital coupons those year marching orders. Thank you very much. All right coming up on nine o'clock, you got slowly here at the top. He's going to have Mike dewine. To start off the show and the latest as of today. And I meant to ask Brian Hamrick about the I think. The ones who moved to Alaska. I think that was the same guy. I got it here somewhere who was picked up in Lexington. So the one that went to Alaska came back, and I believe he was the one was picked up Lexington. So mentor mentor forgot all right. So close to at a time Abreu is in for Willie today to and I think he is on top of this subject as well. I had what he was covering brew for Willie goes as follows. He has first of all pet food might be killing your cats and dogs, but he also has Mike dewine, right? Mike dewine at one forty five. So making a few appearances here today. Close to out of time. My favorite story of the day. And we should put this on the blog too. There is some good stuff up on their one. Amazing crash labeled. Thank God for air bags or something. Because this guy hits hard he hits. He takes out three cars really hard in the front yard. And then just gets out and walks down the street. But this one this nobody wants to fight anything in court anymore. So they have determined in Canada where the United church is the second largest church in Canada, they agreed to allow an atheist minister to keep her job. They were about to go to court over the whole thing. Well, what they were referring to as a heresy court, but they decided to throw in the town allow Reverend Greta Vosper to continue to be a minister of their church, even though she has announced that she is. In fact, an atheist and doesn't believe in anything in the bible. So there was a point in time where people stood on principle. You know, this might cost us a few dollars. But we're going to stand up for our church on principle. Not in this case, they decided it was going to be expensive. They wait all that decided not to move forward. She says, it's gotta be wonderful. We'll be out from underneath that heavy cloud now will really be able to fly. So there was a settlement. The terms of Wichita confidant. I don't know if that means they paid her off came during what was supposed to be a week of preliminary findings in the case, but they buckled. So she is sixty been ordained since nineteen Ninety-three been up front about her atheism and nine believe a non belief in the bible for years. And this is probably why she's there most of her current congregants are supportive of reviews, but some have been cynical. So it doesn't mean that they believe or necessarily. They're just supporting her the fact that she's an atheist. So there you have it my favorite of the day. And you check out the blog few winners on there as well. This one we'll have time to get to. But there's always a tomorrow the hashtag. Me too continues to March on and collect victims. A Wells Fargo executive had the nerve to refer to women at the Bank as girls, and you can't have that. And keep your job at the same time. I can't find how old this guy is. I mean, that's one of those things where you're of a certain age when you were coming of age that was the term you use you continue to use it for the rest of your adult life. But he got in trouble for calling women girls. He said there is unequivocally no gender bias in in the unit where he works. But the term itself was enough to let him go. So more time tomorrow to get to that to sit tight Sloan. He joins you in about six minutes with Mike dewine to start the show, and we'll do this all over tomorrow morning. Once again news time right now, nine o'clock. News Radio seven hundred wwl w news,.

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