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Catching a killer near pittsburgh i'm pam who sale fox news that's what police officers in western pennsylvania are trying to do hours after one of their own was gunned down during a traffic stop task at hand right now that task assigned person to kill their fellow officer and they are committed to that task they're focused on that task state trooper steven lemani is urging the public to come forward with any information they very small my needs it could be visits if he points to lead us in a direction who the first was the committed this time the fallen all of us are identified as twentyfiveyearold brian shaw he had been with the new kensington police department for less than a year authorities in eastern pennsylvania say they're still trying to account for every one following thursday night's nassif fire at a senior living facility in west chester at least twenty seven people were hurt many of them hospitalized one day after accusing president trump of disgracing the office he holds the precedent fires back at hillary clinton with this tweet cookie hillary clinton is the worst and biggest loser of all time she just can't stop which is so good for the republican party hillary get on with your life and give it another try in three years is question fischer at the white house yesterday while speaking to wabc radio in new york clinton defended senate democrat al franken who is accused of sexual misconduct outbreak a uh a friend of mine i think we've got to uh you know recognize that he he agreed to an ethics investigation it will go to the epa committee it will investigate clinton adding that that same level of accountability hasn't been shown by embattled alabama senate candidate roy more meantime in birmingham alabama coal to condemn roy more from several religious leaders fox news fair and balanced uh listen my life changed because someone was.

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