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Bottom line is that then donald trump deserves a lot of credit for this i'm sorry whether you love him or hate him whether you agree with the nfl policy this new nfl policy or not this was initiated really by the president he elevated this trump put the spotlight on this this was an important issue to him and the president said you know what this is wrong you should stand for the national anthem if you're not gonna sit in the locker room you wanna pout about police officers and you don't like the way police officers do their jobs or you feel that there are police officers who are rogue and who are bad a fine sitting you're sitting in the locker room don't disrupt an exhibition of patriotism by taking a neo knee this was always a kind of insidious nasty very unpleasant and very disgusting demonstration and either understand that or you don't in may for for many americans and i've had a lot of callers who've told me it's like burning the flag or desecrating the flag to take a knee during the national anthem is simply a very very disrespectful thing to do and the nfl made a business decision yesterday and they said you know what we're not gonna put up with it incidentally forty nine is an eric you know that you follow the jets eric hanson once you come over here for a minute you're doing double duty today a lot going on and a lot of breaking news a lot of lot of production your involved in today but you're you're you've been a long time jets fan johnson's ambassador didn't realize that so johnson is yeah.

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