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In north carolina today thousands of teachers descended upon the state capital that chant remember remember we vote in november was aimed at lawmakers in north carolina's legislature teachers there have been watching successful protests by educators and other states for better pay and working conditions we're joined now by reporter rusty jacobs of member station w unc he's at their state capitol bureau in raleigh rusty thanks for being here happy to do it so what exactly are these teachers asking for there's a reason they're targeting the state legislature the north carolina legislature opened a session today aimed at making the justice to the two year budget they want higher pay they want classroom size reductions they want more per pupil spending the republicans who hold a veto proof majority in the legislature have said that they're going to seek an average six point two percent salary increase and that would be the fifth consecutive year for salary increases but democrats led by governor roy cooper and the teachers say it's clearly not enough north carolina ranks thirty ninth in the nation both for per pupil spending and teacher pay you are able to speak with some of them today was there a common theme and a common outfit was a sea of red outside and pouring into the legislature that numbers reaching twenty thousand outside they were wearing a red t shirts with a name that the gathering adopted for itself called hashtag red for ed their teachers had slogans respect for public education save our schools and the themes were common themes were salary increases the governor again asking for an eight percent average increase for salaries and more spending for school psychologists school counselors where again with carolina lenk spot ranks lags behind the nation in those ratios and you know.

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