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This Friday but people say she too is corrupt amid allegations that she had an unwillingness to investigate the diversion of aid supply trucks to other places during hurricane Maria there already protesters calling on her to resign which means who will be in office for the long term up until the next election next year in twenty twenty we don't know fox's grind Yenice in old San Juan Velazquez posted on Twitter that she hopes rose seo appoints a new secretary of state to succeed in the man who held that job is one of more than a dozen officials who already stepped down now tropical storm Erika expected to strengthen into a hurricane by tomorrow could take a turn toward Hilo Hawaii later in the week that's the Big Island I'm chained up for and this is one an audio experience up to sixty percent louder with up to two hundred and sixty percent more perceived bass experience tells cinema sound on the XPS thirteen with an H. an Intel core I. seven processor to learn more call eight hundred by dell ling through the eighties greater chances for rain area wide over night and into the morning on Monday a high of eighty Monday afternoon I'm fox six meteorologist Tom walks this report is brought to you by true car looking to buy a car online shopping can be confusing not anymore with true price from true car now you can know the exact price you'll pay for the car you want and see what other people pay for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car has a true car to enjoy a more call for in car buying experience when you really know your numbers in business is your happy place Gersh group makes cash flow business planning crystal clear fifty five percent of embezzlement happening companies with less than one hundred employees the average loss is one point two million it's often the person you least suspect cursed group accountants bookkeepers in business matters don't suspect anyone a healthy numeric business relationship tells all tales fostering success by the numbers.

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