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Died no further details have been released the Dallas police department is asking for the public's assistance in the homicide investigation of Anthony Lee moss on January second Dallas police responded to a shooting call at sixty one hundred concerto lane upon arrival officers found the victim Anthony Lee moss a forty seven year old black male lying in the middle of the street with multiple gunshot wounds homicide detectives learned the victim was approached by two black males before being shot and they fled the scene running east bound in the sixty one hundred block of singing hills Dr it has been determined that Darien Allen nineteen and a camera on leaks seventeen are responsible for the death of Mister Ross anyone with information regarding their whereabouts are encouraged to contact their local police department or crime stoppers police in central Texas city or warning residents of a scam involving someone impersonating a police officer Taylor police say that a Williamson County resident inform them on Thursday of a phone call receive from someone saying they were in office allegedly the suspect told the resident that there was suspicious activity with the residents social security number and a money laundering investigation had been opened then police say the suspect told the resident to withdraw cash and meet them in Austin with the money their bank card and driver license when the resident called police they confirmed this was a scam in a press release Taylor PT emphasize that it would never call a resident and demand money due to an open investigation David world news radio ten eighty K. R. L. G. a three year old girl has been shot the gun fight between police and sixteen year old male suspect during a drug raid at a West Texas house the Texas department of public safety says Midland police officers were serving a search warrant at a house and he east Midlands Wednesday night when a gun fight ensued with the teenage suspect in which the girl was wounded B. B. S. sergeant Oscar Valerie all said Friday that the girl was in stable condition at a hospital in the teen was taken into custody a man identified as the father of the suspect and the wounded girl Louise Gomez told K. O. SA television that both his daughter and son were shot Gomez says as police executed a search warrant his son was shot in the arm and his daughter was shot in the back John Martin Dempsey newsradio ten.

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