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To take both trouble because as long as you order and the law of the oil change of millions and millions of Maniacs, they were watching his back. So what you're going to do what is next Thursday you what? What hey, hey Hulk Hulk. So we need you to your mom. And we need you to put over Edge for us. Yeah, it does not over the edge. Right right, but then he mainly puts themself over you made Edge winning the rumble about himself. Of course, what you do when Hulkamania runs wild on you Roman Reigns what we're fighting wage. First of all, what's the significance of thirty-three years and I think he was getting a statue. I'm thirty-three years ago brother in front of thirty three million people thirty-three years old. We had 33 minute match of January. Yeah, he was talking about the main event match where he lost the title Andre Yeah. Well, yeah, I don't know he kept you're saying 3311 like he's always sung Andre like years ever since like Andre died. Everyone sings his Praises. He's like fuck that Andre the Giant that water covered assholes. I'm saying is tee shirts, right? It's like he's like a shirt that was that fur like his family. No, I get the profits of other two hundred thousand brother. But yeah, we are just my tag team partner for what like two weeks. Yeah. No, they were Tag Team Champions right back how long it takes maybe 2 weeks? Yeah. Yeah end up in long. So I don't know even like right after that. Yeah, of course, maybe that's the thing about Jimmy Hart being there. I think at this point him in Hulk Hogan or under common law marriage. So it's just why do they do where I go brother? Why do they even bother paying Hogan anymore? And it's not like he's a draw like you just wasting money at this, right? Yeah. Seriously, you're going to do really get the money you pay in the background, you know, brother. There's a giant right Jeremy, you know sneaking acknowledging him. He's like, no three friends. Yeah. It's a little Jimmy take the money. 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Into five different camera angles for the upper, right? They kept it one camera angle for the moonsault and look good. Yeah do that more often Sammy hits biggie with the hlubik and goes for a spin but Cruz polls Sammy out of the ring. He throws Sammy into the timekeepers area, but then when Crews gets back of the ring, but he just grabbed him and hits the big ending for the wind easy peasy. Easy peanut. Oh, yeah next up. We have an edge in ring promo. Something like that. Yeah, anybody getting tired of these promos from Edge. It's like the same thing over and over again, right? So just bring him down a lot has like have they chose not to inform Hulk Hogan of NXT cuz apparently to Hogan that's not even an option know now if we're not yeah, has $10 in like 30 seconds brother. Let him mention the next T when Bianca was on either they'll are so no, she's never had that title. So right she never did anything in any well already lost like 3 NXT Women's title shot. Sometimes there's no point now. Yeah. Yeah. So Edge says I've been dreaming of coming back here for the last seven months dreaming of wage Royal Rumble main Eventing WrestleMania and taking back something. I never lost. He says he's been struggling to pick between Drew McIntyre Finn Balor and Roman Reigns, but it seems like he's about to age Decision, but then he's interrupted by Roman Reigns they use so and Paul Heyman Edge tells rains you had to bring back up you already sweating me man, cuz I'm out here alone. So often says you have my word without my blessing Paul will not make a move on you now, it's funny, you know not very often that Romans funny right good. So F says yeah. I'm in your head already. You know, that's why he's out here pointing to Jay. And so rains tells Jo so meet you on the bus. I got this in jail. He's down in Roman tells Edge acknowledge me as the true champion the main event of WrestleMania. Say my name, who is he Walter White? Yeah, Mom easier pound not quite you're not quite sure at least he didn't say like acknowledge me as head of the table. It's like I don't sit at that same table, right, you know wage. Sit at the Canadian table. So before Edge can say anything Kevin Owens appears behind Roma and gives him a stunner and immediately leaves and then just makes like a funny face smiles and leaves ring as the show goes off the air like, oh, okay. All right sure enough. They're still doing five minutes before that edge is like why I didn't come alone and like it was such a throwaway line that like cuz I was talking and you're just like, oh you just gave it away and then they like went five more minutes of talking it seemed like yeah. I thought he said I'm out here alone. I thought he said I didn't come alone. He goes you already sweating me cuz I'm out here alone. Like what he's the deal. Like, I don't know how the expected the KO but yes, we're going to get Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns for a fourth time. We get to see Kevin Owens lose the title and school championship. Yeah Camp can't wait. Yeah. I don't know. It'll just be the two of them in elimination chamber. That's it. Yeah. Sorry on to Raw we start off with Adam Pierson the ring and he's out there to announce the return of Shane McMahon. This doesn't make any sense. Oh my God, it's just raw underground back run underground. Who.

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