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The doors open to one of the most famous nightclubs in us history studio fifty four after a failed attempt at becoming the kings of the new york steakhouse seen former college roommate steve rubble in iin schrager tried their hand at nightclubs they teamed up with carmen deleo a public relations guru whose clients included names like mick jagger liza minelli andy warhol in truman capote her talents turned the grand opening into a major item in the newark gossip columns for best move making studio fifty four into a listeners only later efforts paid off as well like heaven bianca jagger ride a white horse into the club for her thirtieth birthday party you know like you do it quickly became the epicenter of the disco era it was all all all the time and that my friends was the move that was the club's undoing when disco died so did studio fifty four the club only lasted three years ultimately closing in nineteen eighty but it was the but it was a wild run included white horses began on this day back in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven bianca jagger walks in on a white horse you know like you do for traffic in the valley chevy dealers traffic center here is detour dan all right we are on it southbound fiftyone at glendale that's where we had a wreck in the hov lane but not anymore they got and literally pushed it by hand off to the right it is now no longer blocking off to the side on the right we do have a wreck on the northbound state route three forty seven north of sukati road but it's not blocking it's off left there are wrecks at bell road in doa boulevard bell wrote in dyson wrote but there's also ride times going on right now that for the most part are all pretty light stuff except for one westbound i ten out of the east valley thirty two minutes on that right now from the santan to the seventeen split twenty four minutes on the sixty westbound signal butte to the ten and thirteen minutes on the westbound freeway one and one of the fifty one this traffic report brought to you by bank of arizona bank of arizona sharing in the vision of strengthen stability of the business community information is available at bank of arizona.

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