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To have a moisture meter because it tells you exactly whether you need to water or not, and rain moving through. Showers can really be confusing. Did I get it off? Did I not get enough? You know in Senator center so physically checking it out whether you touch the root ball or you put the moisture meter in there. That's the way to tell. And, of course, plans could tell you to when they start to wilt a little bit, But but that's the best way the moisture meter could be your friend again by him as cheap as 10 bucks. Oh, my gosh, Moisture meter, and I can get that anywhere. Oh, yeah, Both The garden centers have that for you. If you can't find me go online you'll find but don't buy. Don't buy $100 would just get the wood says wet try or in the middle. That's all you need to know. Wet dry in the middle. Okay? One last question about this because I want to get it right. And you stick that in the soil by the plant. Is that what you do? You stick that in the roof, all of the plants. You know, we don't really care about the soil around the planets. The root ball itself broke the root ball. That'll soak the soil around it as well. So right at the base of the plant. That's where you're concerned whether there's moisture there are not so many times we water, but that doesn't get penetrated. What doesn't go into the actual root ball itself because the other other places of the soil, so check the media root ball. That's the most important thing. And you said something about Johnny being off today. I guarantee you he's listening to this segment right now. You really think he is? He probably is just he. You know what? Johnny is The type of your Yeah, He's like, You know what? I'm going to listen to see if they say my name. Exactly. There you go. And your name. Brad Wilson. Tomorrow host of him in the garden tended noon. Have a great weekend. Run. Hey, you too, and be careful on the watering. All right. Thank you so much. 7. 20.

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