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Learned their dialogue. And william harlow. Waylon go for it. The only drawback to that is that the biggest. Gimmick of the story is the extant conceit. The doctor gradually speech krejci getting in sync with the villain the possessed character and expecting william how to to get that syllable. Perfect is a bit of a tall order so this is not moving to one other specific areas coming up with absolute dream team so i would have dougie. Campbell directs it. I'm just because i though he's often what we think was best was. He's big gimmick in the early years of making big expensive space operas look more expensive than say rich mountain dew but on the other hand lifted the rate of graham hopper. You know wasn't grim harbor but at least a wing graham harper. Was you know somebody who is famous for action. And then when he got the chance to do smaller scale stories later on. Show that you just as good with axes and an mood and atmosphere. So yeah i'd give with the chance to show the string to his bow. I would interesting to me i would. I would keep david trout in the same the same party. Even though he's owning twinsies at this point and i would transplant as the doctor. Any other doctor who could pull it off another fast-talking docs who's very precise without get paid davison. And i think it would show the world these much better accidental thinki- is because they just wandered on with his floppy hair and played himself. And i think it would show. Yeah his daughter. Never really go to chance to do any staff or any over possession and stuff ready. So i think that would have done him some good. So that's is a big enough team twenty to change anyone else. I i have to say paul that you've you've saved the best tool last their own particularly liked the idea of recording in line growth. I think that was a suitable to end. How many hundreds of years have we risk. We peaked close to five or six. I think at one point four to five or but in fairness to the mall. Yes trying to watch it on telly. Snaps with the audio keeping halting must've been pretty enervating. So look if you have been listening to us live and you've sold it on for more than an hour with that offer. Commiserations i think is the only thing we can say to you but but look thanks for that and we hope that we'll be able to construct from our own individual recordings at least in audio version the experience which is no less enervating least will be more complete and we. We've i'd like to say we've enjoyed doing. This certainly has been different. I if we're ever to try again after find different medium has actually expect you know. You'll have to to fourteen point. Four k modem fast bro but it does appear that whenever we get one of these things together somebody in the neighborhood. Stocks to download a huge. You'd the whole internet at one saw. Something in the whole thing goes to absolute mush. I quite wow but yeah we..

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