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Genetic says become easy in that were coming that we can just step up. We know where to find him. You know crops boom, I've made GDP or Brian What's the one I just released Williams wonder? In our Bloomberg who like that was a that was really easy to make that for me, but it was because of the access the genetic that I had in my knowledge which a lot of people could do There's plenty of people out there. Who if they had had access to? The sexual could've made me troppled off very easily. And and. You, almost sound like you're discount yourself. Yeah I guess It's not bad. As I. You know I just I guess like I'm trying to. I'm trying to keep it real like I. Like. It there's so many different facets to this like a DJ deserves props now. I get it people who like Dj. Who did the breeding the deejay Don? I don't actually know of anybody off the top man. I am a little bit out of that. We've I didn't do my history as much as I could have or should have. Maybe. That's not true I think I might have tried, and nobody stood out as much as. I've seen DJ notes. You know I've seen the video. The video tapes from the late nineties that correlated with the notes that he has on his after using zapped read. So? It's hard for.

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