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Because it's a bigger production. There's a bigger risk and so there's a bigger opportunity to sort of fail on a large scale, you know, making these movies with Kelly feels like you're working within the context of family and maybe only the people in your family will ever see the film. And the New York Film Festival. Yeah. So it seems like in recent years when you've been given an opportunity to kind of a big public platform and part of this, I think, was after Fosse verdon, which will come to in a second, but you've chosen to be more outspoken about whether it's like me too stuff or pay equity, inequity, or different stuff. I just wonder if there was something that maybe changed in you when, I mean, for a lot of people, I think it changed. But when all this starting with Harvey and then everything after in 2017 onwards, then you were also, I guess, thinking back with there was the stuff even with all the money in the world, where it almost destroyed this movie based on what happened there, then there was the pay equity on that on that movie as well. I guess just do you think you were changed by being so close to so much of the bad stuff that had that began to come out? Well, I think we all were, which is what me too really brought to light is that we were all connected by our experiences. And we had all been separated by our experiences and put into, you know, dark rooms. By our experiences and Toronto Burke, she broke the locks off. And all of a sudden, you know, women could come together, share with each other, heal with each other, support each other, help each other. It was an incredible thing to be a part of. And as far as becoming more outspoken, you know, it's hard to not speak out. It just seemed like the most obvious thing in the world. It did not strike me ever that there was another option. I found myself at the center of this situation. I saw no other option than to speak directly and personally about it. And again, I've always had a kind of jump off and then figure out where you're going to land on the way down. Part of my personality. And so that I stepped into it without

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