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The minnesota twins then again in two thousand twelve with the baltimore orioles and they added critic berry who received for the first time today on a world series championship with the boston red sox the two thousand thirteen as here could solace takes a fastball outside for ball four so you've unconsolidate drones to walk it's the first walk allowed by rafael perez today and the patriots with a runner and versed with one out and certainly always good would you get a run on based in front of kyle roller who steps in here an infield single is first time up one of three hits but just to finish up on the ducks couldn't berry and then they added another guy recently henderson alvarez alvarez was a national league allstar in two thousand fourteen threw a nohitter in two thousand thirteen at majorleague level first pitch to kyle rollers fastball that mrs low wanna know so point being there's a lot of notable names on his lawn rhode island ducts team but they haven't really been able to put it all together yet this season sitting right at five hundred a thirty died and thirty nine record i'll overall this season they are three in five in the second half peres works from the stretch here against kyle roller who's now hit safely in eight of his last nine ballgames takes his time the 102 roller a slider on the outside part of the plate for a called strike one in one the patriots have granted it to two consecutive four six three double plays over the last couple of innings which have stymied their riot their rallies grysman granted ah to double play in the second to end that inning and eggleston granted into a double play in the third one wants a rollers ripped fell data i baseline one ball into strikes.

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