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And right on the main face page of our website. Will allow you to register for this next week drawing actually during our benefits programs. So make sure that you do that. And I would be very miss, if I did not mention that we also receive funding from the Vietnam veterans of America, Charles s kettles, chapter three ten VFW post four twenty three and the American Legion post Forty-six, all of them here in our Michigan. Well, today's program is going to be really fun for me. I know because we've had our guest on one other time. That's Robert Matson, and he writes books about celebrities and what they did during World War, Two era, and, you know, what are they were and so forth. And we had him on back in September of two thousand eighteen with Jimmy Stewart book about Jimmy Stewart's career in the army air corps as a pilot and eventually retired from the air force reserves as general, which is kind of cool. And since Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorite actors I thought the story was great. And this book, though, we're going to be talking about, is about my other, my favorite actress, and that's Audrey Hepburn and for many of you probably don't know the history, Audrey Hepburn is that she is from the Netherlands, and she was stuck there during World War Two as a child, and that's what we're going to be talking about today with Robert Matson, and so without. Further ado, Robert, welcome back to veterans radio. Thanks dale. It's good to be here. Well, it's just terrific to talk to you again. And I wanna remind our teller audience about, as the books are not only fascinating stories about the individual person in this case, Audrey Hepburn, but it's the historical information that you pack into these stories, and that's, that's what I found most interesting. How did you come up with Audrey Hepburn? I was in Europe, retouching the Jimmy Stewart book mission. And for a while I was based in Arnhem in the Netherlands, because some, Jim crews were shot down opened another land, and they would fall into the hands of the Dutch resistance, who would be, you know, he greatly conveying them down through the country toward Belgium, and then Spain. So I was following the route of one of those guys and it took me to Arnhem and, and I found out as I was there that Audrey Hepburn had spent the war there, and I thought, well, that's pretty darn interesting. And I tried to find more information about that. And there really wasn't a lot out there. And I thought you mean somebody hasn't done a book on though. I see the opportunity, and I started right away. Well, it's lucky that you were there. And in the book, the book is entitled Dutch, girl, it's Audrey Hepburn and World War Two by Robert Matson. Her story, I think is, is really just an amazing story of a young child. Could could you kind give us a little background before we get into the actual war era, the warriors? Yeah. When she was when she was six years old. Her parents became enamored with Adolf Hitler and they, they were part of the British aristocracy at that time, they, they were originally from Belgium, Audrey mother elephant hamster with a Baronet from the Netherlands, but and her father was a sort of a narrative, well banker, but bankers in air quotes, you can't see them, but I'm. If you just kind of a CAD, and so she married, this cat and ended up in Belgium, where Audrey was born. And then when Autry was about five or six both have her parents became not he lovers. It wasn't ended the fat in nineteen thirty four and nineteen thirty five among the British social stack this to think that you know, at all Hitler was a rock star. It was before things went really, really bad. So they went to Munich and they met Hitler, and while they were doing this, they sort of stuck Audrey under two half brothers in, in the Netherlands, and at became quite a problem, and soon, the CAD father left, the family left elephant Hanes with the children and when it became a Nazi agent and spent all the years leading up to World War, Two working for the Nazis, sort of, you know, scoping out England scoping out Europe or the takeovers that were playing and Audrey mother continued to be pro Nazi into the beginning of the occupation of the Netherlands in nineteen forty so because the Netherlands had been neutral. In the great war, LS hot. It would be safer for Audrey to beat in another land, because she had sent her off the boarding school because away, sort of gallivanting around Europe in the nineteen thirties. So Audrey came back to the Netherlands, just about five months before yucky. Pation may nineteen forty so and at that time she was eleven years old. Right. Okay. And where was she in the Netherlands, many to our audience? And this is something I had to do is whereabouts are the Netherlands in relationship to Germany, and Brussels and France. I mean the Belgian. Hi, yes. So the Netherlands, is northwestern. It's in the northwestern quadrant of Europe. It is west.

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