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And I was our whole affecting our chairs let's set the table we got a lot going on in the next game so tomorrow it's gonna be a busy day on the radio station were live for a long period of time Sam a great of you just started out in the morning they'll go from six to ten tended to anteon Randy they will be on I believe that they're going to have the tooth picks for the falcons on their show tomorrow then at two o'clock from two to six tomorrow night it'll be Hugh Douglas and I will wrap things up and look back at the entire draft we are scheduled as of right now to have gusts males on come on at four twenty with us tomorrow so Gus Malzahn is scheduled at four twenty so obviously he's was the head coach for Martin Davidson we will we will talk with coach about Davis and kind of one on some guys on that yeah I should say on some I mean it was first team all conference stuff to be on some of your first team all freaking conference but but is certainly Derek brown got all the attention Davis and that was a really really good player so we'll talk to coach tomorrow we got coverage for you on Sunday as well Jarvis what them is it is it hot take Tommy and will are they tended to some on Sunday what's the give me the Sunday run down if you could because I thought free he was was going to be on but I think I know I know will be P. and hot take Tommy are on it at some point there on Sunday as well so we got you covered up on the on the weekend as well so by the way Matt Hennessy was the tended to for Willie P. and hot take Tommy okay so we'll hear from those guys after US immigration on Sunday morning as well so we got you covered all weekend long you want live in local we got it for you here as well wrap up coverage of the falcons draft for you here and we'll see what picks get taken out from there so hello I just read about Hennessy I did not realize he was the AC a student athlete of the year so obviously very bright you certainly at that center position when a guy who can be a cerebral type of player so you know the only thing is the knock against him is gonna put more mass I mean even though it's three oh seven he played kind of under that number at temple he's got to put a little bit more size and mass to be able to take on some of the guys is gonna line up against because at times he did get kind of pushed back which is not what you want in the in the NFL so so you be you that's the if there's one knock about Hennessy he's ready to start from day one they say but there's one doc about him it's he's got a good look at more ball concise you know specially lined up against some of the guys and he'll face in the NFL at defensive tackle all right so we got some clips one should be here of Marlon Davis and he had a chance to just kind of speak about him getting selected for the Atlanta Falcons let's start with Marlon Davidson talking about he was ready to play football and be great coming right out of the womb well you know about their body nominee pool not the will not go out with that great you know like man I'm a hard worker that Marlon Davis I'm a hundred percent and your card what what they've bought I'm the best I'll continue to be the best not many guys one over you the wall there's a come up in the spot that is now he one of those type of guys that know you come into the ring had Davis and by the way to there's a clip going around of him I guess it's at the is it at the combine Jarvis where he talks about how yeah the combine cliff you can find that online where he talks about how what he loves about playing football is that it's legal for him to put hands on a guy and beat him up in Malham play after play after play with no repercussions no nobody called the cops nobody call anything about him so he's got a bit of an edge to him and and I think I think like if you got that cliff Jarvis if you if you got that Jarvis all right let let let me let you hear this clip from the NFL combine earlier this year because it this a fun little clipper Davison and it well almost by the day I love most.

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