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She police the first act whatever she's just as assistant or whatever and then they fall in love and then it's very unclear what she then does after that because like like when she towards the end is like distant how does he check his email you know like there's both does he just have to go back to like i guess that it justifies why so annoyed i would be i would be on the phone with customer service like okay listen i totally like our relationship is our relationship but i do feel like i shouldn't have to pay three hundred dollars a month she doesn't want to talk to me it's kind of a i didn't even think of that it's also worth mentioning that the most so most of the ai we interact with now like alexa serey there's a new one that whose name escapes me cortana cortana yes all our female presenting all the people have been like cortana is genderless but sounds female presenting and the reason that is is because when tech company is test them i guess the testing returns that people are most comfortable asking women for services right and there's a million if you can imagine i can't this seems to be something that exists in a void and there's no reason but i think syria you can change the voice to a male voice you can't with alexa there's just one option however if you remember the robot watson do you remember watson no why would i read about watson watson was like a robot who was on jeopardy that like one jeopardy and that technology was like houston cancer labs and used with doctors and stuff like that that is a male presenting robot voice and male voice was deliberately chosen for that because people trust men in positions of leadership so women are service spots men are leader butts basically and it's it's the sort of thing that again this movie could point that out at literally any time it's referenced that there are male os in this world but we don't hear them ever or only when we here is allen twats oh yeah l watts brought back from the dead but he doesn't service anyone he stood as the thing the other is created him he's a liquor yeah yes so that's like another missed opportunity in the tech world of like well the only way to like change that is to have a service but who is male or have a cancer solving but who is female presenting but of course because the tech world run by men that will not happen and there will be youtube videos of people screaming it serey we die hey siri hey siri thing is i am powered by syria to go places and i've dropped my phone was this strong independent woman she's just can't i've dropped my phone too many times and she cannot listen to me anymore what i think is interesting about this movie i mean maybe not interest basically they do as he's like setting up his new os it gives him the option to choose a male or female voice right he does choose a female voice but it makes me wonder if had he chose in a male voice would he have fallen in love with it the same way or would he have established like the same type of connection with it i don't know if it's all speculation but i know i thought it was interesting to think about but yeah like all of these digital assistance except like in the uk i think syria is voiced by a man or culture oh maybe he was out to buffalo if we have any butlers listening to the cat well it is like a male default voice i think so in the uk in most countries and yeah the ones that we're familiar with like in the us with between siri and alexa and cortana all have you know these female voices and yeah it's basically because historically women have been secretaries to male bosses and we as a society are like well you know and my wanna be able yeah i wanna be able to like kind of boss around a woman and have her do all the tasks that i feel are being east me and studies revealed that people are more and it's going to shock you people are more comfortable yelling at women as well there are more comfortable being like fuck off siri tell me where mcdonald's which i've probably no i see i just google maps it yeah yeah give us series since this movie came out really.

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