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What him do not Catholic. My baby. Maybe. There's a podcast I just was on that. I really love the premise of and I wanted to tell our audience and you about it. It's called movie, crush every Friday, Chuck Bryant of stuff. You should know, sits down for a deep dive conversation with people across entertainment industry about their life as relates to film their career, and most importantly, their favorite all time movie. I think you can learn a lot, but he was favorite automobile. What's your favorite all-time movie maybe from heaven? Yeah, really, definitely pennies from heaven. Really? Wow. It did not know that. Well, I would love to hear you on the show, but in lieu of that, you can listen to people like Tony shillue, talking about the stinger Tickner Tara talking about mask. I talked about Beverly Hills, cop divide digs tight about get out Kevin. Pollock the inlaws John Hodgman about the adventures. Not the marvel when I'm sure, and here's the thing. Everyone of these talks aren't just about movies air about life and how movies influence us from our childhood on. You know, what is it about our favorite. Movie that we can go back to it again and again, like for you, Amy pays Reverend. What is the favorite team? What's the one that sticks out to you? Oh, I love all the scenes where St. Martin dances because you just see a guy who's maybe not a natural dancer dancing in that to me, it hits what movies do they inspire, normal person do something great. Listen to movie, crush to find out more about people's crushes fine move crush wherever you get your favorite shows every Monday in Friday, and every Monday is a mini crush where they dive into various fun movie related segments culled from the listeners themselves. Go ahead Sarah here, and we talked a little bit about Debbie Reynolds, not being a dancer, but did you know that later in her life, her and Donald O'Connor, mayday, how to tap video. Take a listen to this. It's on YouTube. To see Debbie. Thank you. Thank you. My love. We got the greatest people out there that were just waiting for you though there we are seeing the rain too. Forty years later. That's right. Remember steps we did from the movie. I must've been, but the ones that gene drill drilled and that was from good morning. Good morning number. Well, it was all different kinds of steps. Right? You want me to start. You want me to start. Try it. Five, six, seven. The economic with which she says, drilled drilled, here's a whole lifetime in that drill drills, but I love the now. She is teaching tapping thing video home video. Well, that's Gene. Kelly actually got his start. His mom made him take dance classes him and his brother, Fred, when he was a kid and he hated it because the kids would call him a Sissy for taking dance classes, and he would get into fights on his way to dance class until his mom was like, I'm gonna take you there by cab himself, just more of an athlete. He was like jock. He started to acrobatics. He did roller skating, isn't he had to go back to dancing to feed his family during the depression. We'll interesting because he really does take that hit in the stunt scene when he's the the cowboy, the other scenes are for comedic affect, but he that's all in one take when he flies over the bars. Well, he really is acrobats. Yeah, he really is an athlete. And then he became this dance teacher with his own school. When he was twenty years old which is stored of the slow progression. Of how and why he would have the hubris to cast somebody like Debbie Reynolds because he's like, I've taught so many people how to dance I can teach her. I talked print Sinatra had a dance. I can teach her. And I mean by Hooker by cook, I mean he did it. She looks amazing in the film in now she's making VHS videos. So I guess it all worked all the best teachers make you cry, piano. Let's talk about Lena. Oh yes. I think this before months by Jean Hagen is so funny her little IRAs everything she does when she's not allowed to talk this accent that she comes up with. So that's not her real voice. No, she created a false voice. In fact, here's probably the best clip of showing us the Lena voice over this is Jean doing her false voice, and then going to step further in doing Debbie's falls voice of Lena. So everybody about to here in this clip is actually the actress Jean Hagen and not at all all set in there. Right. Nothing can keep surprised. To start turn cold. All right, Cathy, go ahead. Nothing can keep us apart. Our love will till the stars too cold. That's great. Perfect. Well, that's both. That's doing both. That's Jean Hagen doing both. So even in this movie about other people doing your voices, there's also a that that's not Debbie. That's actually gene. It's like instead blow end that Jean Hagen was doing an impression of Judy Holliday who is an old sketch partner of calmed and green. They thought she'd be great for this movie, but she just won the Oscar for nineteen fifties born yesterday and she couldn't do it. So they got Hagan who was an understudy for born yesterday on stage and they're like, can you kind of just do her? And she did. So who is the real Hagen please stand up. We don't know. She's she is doing impression of unimpressed about abrasion talking about the sees that gene and did have together, though that cake scene where they, I mean. Jean Hagen told Debbie right before that seeing where Debbie, a cake and a history in the face, get it on the first. Take oil, get the cake and the ring in your face. Wow. By the way it can. I just be real. I think in her silent films Lena isn't okay actress. I think the emotions on her face are super convincing, and I think it's amazing that in these scenes, even though you've seen the work and the chaos, and the conversations and the backstabbing took to make Debbie Reynolds quote, unquote voice be on top of hers. It works though seems are huge afoul and it wouldn't work. If Lena was a shitty actress. I just have to say that she is indeed a shimmering glowing star in the cinema firmament or perhaps fire in music. Back to eve, I will. I'm going to say that I don't think Don is a good actor, but done those saying, 'cause when he's in the silent film, they're laughing at him too. He's overacting and they realize the only way to save this movie is to appeal to the talent that he has, which is seeing it's undeniable. So I also think that as actors they are equal or having a hard time transitioning, he just has a better voice of us too hot, take Lena, maybe slightly better than him. I would back you on that one of the original script drafted ends with Alina and Cosmo getting married. Yes. And we also have seen the premiere of Lena's film jungle Princess in which are dialogue would only consist of grunts which really made me laugh that they made her like into like kind of Tarzan legend of grace Doke kind of character some facts about the year when this comes out, this is nineteen fifty two. So we're in a time where the new houses costing about nine thousand dollars. A gallon of gas is twenty cents, but impopular culture, diarrhea, van Frankas published this year. The today show starts KFC opens its first franchise. Mad magazine comes out Agatha Christie's murder, mystery play. The mousetrap opens becomes the longest running production running in history, other movies that are out the African Queen, the greatest show on earth, the quiet man. So it's interesting we're, we're in this time where I feel like this is the switch. There's a more popular media is coming out at this time. I feel like I love it. The greatest show on earth came out because watching this I was thinking of the greatest show men, right? Yeah, there's that scene where Rebecca Ferguson's opera singer stands on stage and things like all the stuff spotlight. Spotlights a Rebecca Ferguson actually saying that song and then only found out later that her voice got dubbed. So she had her own Lena moment. Two other quick things that are interesting. I don't walk sign is installed in New York City and barcodes are invented here in this year. Don't dance sign because a God. No, you are a great movie aficionado. We are cutting in this film to other conic talkies right in that section is like a little montage section where you're seeing like the the nutcrackers and the women saying, I referenced earlier Bubi do that. These are all kind of call backs to things that people would know are. And I want to actually play a little bit of that because I love this montage musically because what they're doing here here in this month, we're not trying to make on the music is discordant clashing. It's frantic even the colors. Clashing goes from different shades of kink as you're watching it. You get the sense in this montage, not like, hey, the transition to sound is exciting. You get paid. The transition sound is fucking chaotic. Oh my God. What are we doing. Which

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