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Bike paths. Glen Governor Yunken praising the partnership between Virginia and the tech giant and the economic boom he says it will bring to the Commonwealth critics say the new HQ will also send housing costs soaring. We believe that housing should be Durbin says the area is very affordable for our employees as well as our neighbors. Amazon exec Brian Usman says among other investments in the in the area area they've committed over a billion dollars in loans and grants to preserve and create affordable housing. Shana News over to Loudon County. Now some students have a job lined up. Get this. They've got a job lined before up they even finish with high school. LCPS is a step ahead of other counties in recruitment. That's because according to teacher Julie Cooper, the teacher cadet program gives graduates a chance to come back and teach in the county high school Juniors and seniors get to work in Loudon Elementary and middle school classrooms to help figure out whether teaching is the right choice for them. LCPS students are several steps ahead of their peers by being able to go into the field and their junior senior years of high school. Seniors who sign a letter of intent and complete an education program are offered a job within the school school system. Sydney Look is attending George Mason this fall. It just truly opened a whole new door to experiences that a lot of classrooms in high school don't offer. Scott Gelman, WTOP News. Still ahead here on WTOP, Ticketmaster could soon trash those so -called junk fees, the fees that you don't see the until very end when you bought your tickets and you see a list of all the expenses for whatever you're buying. We'll check it out coming up in just a little bit. Now 808 on WTOP. Get a Precision AC tune up for only nine dollars. Traffic

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