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I left my house the other day without my phone. And i go back for it. That's right hero. That's right brave. That's right the unknown folks to be in that car for what was going to be a probably an hour errand about twenty minutes to twenty minutes back twenty in the middle doing the thing no phone and i i felt a little vulnerable. I felt a little naked. I felt a little disconnected. I felt a little Like crazy like you know. Like when i can do my friend. Where's my friend. What am i going to do in that. Let me to believe that. Maybe i need to break up with my phone. I don't know. I don't know if that's possible. I don't think it is possible but it did show me that. I could leave at home more and then the other night i left house left the house with my phone but no wallet a different type of Like feeling like a little untethered but the wall of fear is really just about like. If i get mangled in my car drives off a cliff or i get into a head on collision and i'm nothing but mush and i got my wallet with me. This cannot be easy to find me. I say well that's not true. Just fine my license point. Oh good i just found a way to comfort myself. The next time. I in my car and i forgot my wallet. Is that like. Hey if they need to. Id you remains. They can just pull your info off the plate. Who thank god. Need to be myself up about that. Next time i just need to know. I'll be okay when i'm dead if i don't have my wallet. 'cause this pull it off the plate pull that net get that info. Yeah but the. The phone thing was real. I i did. I tried an experiment. I took a walk on purpose the other day without my phone on purpose because dude. The reality is mundane. The reality is slow. You know what paces your true reality. How much are you putting in your head. That's making you crazy all this all these so eighty five. Ninety percent of the assumptions were making are not have nothing to do with our life. They have nothing to do with how we are. They have nothing to do with how we treat other people. If you're only relationship is with your phone. How often do people factor in. Are you saying thank you. Are you opening the door. Are you asking people they are. Are you having moments. You sit with people. Sit with people. We're all right stop. The fire stopped the fire in your brain. Take some time off. Take a little time off from the machine. Okay so joseph. Gordon levitt has been working in show business. Since he was six years old. His grandfather was a director He was in popular movies as a kid. Like angels in the outfield and the long running sitcom third rock from the sun. He was in movies like five hundred days of summer the dark knight rises inception brick looper and a bunch of other movies but now he's created this amazing show. He's he's written directed and stars in this new apple. Tv plus series called mr cormon I watched six episodes thought. I watched the whole thing. But i hadn't he sets me straight and It's just about a guy it's about a teacher. i think he's a fifth grade teacher. But it's not what he wanted to do but there's not much what he wanted to be a musician but there's not much more to the pitch than that but there's something about the intensity of this guy's way of seeing things and being it's very familiar and I i liked it. He's an intense guy and this very human kind of show. It's on apple. Tv plus and it premiers. Friday friday august sixth. Okay this is me talking to Joseph gordon levitt mike. That's that's on the marc maron podcasts. I'm not gonna go through some fucking future speaker. Michael very odd.

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