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Sometimes in the playoffs, you might have to win a game. 76. I'm not saying that's we're headed. But boy after that second period, you can make a case We are Yes, For sure. I mean, that period took a wild turn. I think if I was Rod Brenda more, I'd be pretty irate at my players just for some of the penalties they took. I mean, they allowed three of the four goals that Tampa Bay scored to be on the power play, but that just shows you how lethal it is. They've talked about it. It's hard to game plan. You just There's too many superstars out there. Nikita Kucherov, Steven Stamkos just getting it done, But I thought the lightning even with three minutes left, I mean, they're trailing 4 to 2. Just over halfway through the period and end up scoring three goals, and I think you know Kucherov scored on the power play was a bad penalty again. I thought by Jake being a holding on Barkley good rose unnecessary. And then you know the Guard line comes in next build some momentum. They have an awesome shift that eventually leads to Tyler Johnson's goal. With under three minutes just keeping the pressure on them. And then another bad penalty taken by spent a cough that time in the offensive zone just unnecessary. And here we have a delighting of a 5 to 4 lead now unexpectedly to have that many goals scored in the second period, But here we are. You're right about that with the penalties because that completely took Carolina out of its game for the last five minutes of this period, But early on, Caylee they they were very good, and they were forced Tampa van to some uncomfortable situations fast gave up. Maybe his first really bad goal. Of this series, and then the penalties just I'm not sure what to make that because one of the better players Meshkov has taken three of them, two of them against Brandon Point, Just not very smart. No, just undisciplined and just want an offensive zone penalty as teams kind of got their on their heels at this point, and he takes another bad one. It ends up giving Tampa Bay the lead. With less than a minute to go in the period. So your teams you know doesn't have the momentum now to start the third period. Peter Morales sick, I'm sure is pretty frustrated with this group and and how many penalties have been taking, so that's clearly going to be a storyline coming out tonight. Was Carolina's lack of discipline. But like you said they were really good. They had a four enough for two to lead. Excuse me. In the second period. At one point, they they found some, you know weaknesses in Tampa Bay's game early on, and just there. Pressure. I think on the fore check the Lightning fell victim to getting caught a little bit. And like you, said Vasilevskiy, showing his human side a little bit allowed allowed a goal or two. Maybe that he would normally have. Yeah, The Aho line really started things, too, And that's been a lie in Tampa Bay, a struggle with a bit, we'll see if that plays out. In the third period as well. Okay, the great job as always, we will talk to you during the post game show. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Greg. Alright, that is Kayleigh Chelios right there, And we always appreciate her analysis. Dave Randolph is up. Next we look forward to his analysis coming up as the lightning lead the Canes 54. At the end of two on lighting radio. Harrison to being there to Emily Arena for the game. Ticketmaster's Your official gateway to exciting live NHL action all playoffs long whether you want to sit ringside or anywhere in the arena. Ticketmaster has great seats for you at prices that fit any budget or with the crowd when the Lightning duel it out on the ice, get verified..

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