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That i just told that's similar to the version i tell my. Ap classes now. The one i tell my amp classes is a bit shorter. Thank goodness right. That was a long story in that olot happen. But when i do it my class i get to add a lot. More physical drama aside act. I would happen and walk around the room and in yeah okay. I- overdramatize a little bit and and you know that's an example of where a story based on a real situation even if overdramatize to make it more fun and into more clearly emphasized the main point it can be a way that we can use storytelling in our teaching and i pulled together some ideas about storytelling in teaching and what that really means to me episode forty-eight which was called the story telling special so you might want to go back and listen episode forty eight some time but in this case the star story. It's teaching about how to learn science rather than a science concept per se but the principle still applies no matter what the concepts are that we're teaching whether it's science content or something related to learning science content as star story. So what i do in my classes. This i tell that story near the beginning of the course and then i wanna get to a point where i say something like. Oh i don't know how. When i ask you to put the layers of the skin in the correct order from external internal or internal to external and i mean all of the sub layers of the upper durmus and the dir- missing. Let's even go down to the subcutaneous layer and everything you need to be able to put that altogether on a test and they're all looking at me nodding their heads. Yes okay. I get what you're saying and then i'll stop and i'll just look at them and they're not writing anything dow maybe one or two are. They're the ones would've had chemistry adverse..

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