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Has premium brands like Maserati Reynaud is pushing smaller low cost vehicles Fiat Chrysler thrives in the Americas. Particularly in the United States. Reynaud doesn't sell cars in North America at all. But it's a major. Player in Europe and Russia that also a pretty good fit. One has small cars in the other big trucks, one offers luxury vehicles, the other goes down market, but they still have problem, which is China. Felipe Munoz is an analyst at auto researcher Jada dynamics he says, neither company has a foothold in the crucial Chinese market. Then there are the practical problems of merging and adding another culture. I know the more factories that's more people to teach to work together, which Fiat Chrysler has to do already since the merger that made it back in twenty fourteen Blyleven cry Italians on American that way, Elliott. It's not an easy thing, and it would be even harder if you try to preserve the French Renos alliance with Nissan of Japan, another complication Reynaud is part owned by the French government and has strong unions. They'll want to preserve local jobs, Fiat Chrysler says the. He'll if it happens would not result in any plant closures. Camille, dominancy NPR news. This is NPR news. Whatever you are driving this morning, you possibly could have traffic. Here's Joe McConnell. You do and new problems too in the north bay. I south one lakeville Petaluma a crash might be in the left lane to vehicle stuck together and Fremont on eighty southbound past Thornton is a report of a collision there with a couple of vehicles over to the side of the road doesn't seem like a big crash highway eighty five ramp to one north in the on the peninsula, Mountain View, there's a report of a new four car pile up there on the flyover ramp, and the Richmond bridge approaches beca to marine way, but not quite marina bay yet. Joe McConnell for kqed. Joe? Thanks again, traffic on K Q E D with Joe McConnell. Brought to you by the Crohn's and colitis foundation at six forty three I'm Dave Freeman with a Tuesday morning perspective. He planned.

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