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On on the Cap J Hood show on ESPN 1000. I was watching some White Sox baseball last night I fell asleep. And there you go. There's a gamer. Hey, man, Come on. I gotta get a burly And so I saw the Cubs lose. I watched some other baseball. I watched some of the White Sox. I fell asleep. But when that ball hit a lawyer, and I watched it again this morning line shot into the dugout. And it hit him right in the knee. He's a cutie. Tough guy. But, man, you're like, What is going on with all these injuries? Yes. First of all, Stop hitting Jose Abreu. You one stop hitting him. He's not Don Baylor, for God's sake, stop eating my guy. That's one thing. Second thing is that it's just been a litany of injuries. It's been a mash unit. I don't know if the thoughts have to be at the top or one of the top three teams in baseball does have used the I L I mean, it's just ridiculous, right? But again, the thing that really resonates with me cap is the resolve of the team. Just out of all the injuries. You expect this ball club to be middle of the pack or this team is in contention here with a record of 80 and 58. After all the entrance that they suffered again? No Tim Anderson. We don't know the timetable when he will return. That's scary for me as well. The hope is that the end of September. A lot of these guys are the majority of these guys are ready to go for the playoffs. When Garrett Cole went down last night with tightness in his hamstring, and we've seen this with a few different guys that have had to leave. You think? Oh, wait a minute. That guy's a horse. It's where I think it's a byproduct. I was telling you this earlier of the 60 game season last year and then being ramped up right into 1 62 you agree? Yeah, I think, though, that I think that's the case for a number of teams that had to deal with this right. You're used to a certain amount of games. And now you're playing, You know the stretch 162 games. It's been effective to a lot of a lot of teams, including the White Sox, though amazing in other line up for a lot of these players, they still find a way to win. You know, Oakland always been a house of horrors for the White Sox for a long time, right? Just to see the White Sox win in Oakland. Did my heart good last night. Well for so many years. It was just bet on Oakland against the White Sox out West, but the last couple years playoffs notwithstanding, but the last couple of years regular season. You guys have been much better out there using an issue, but I'm glad that the Sox were able to win. Here's what I saw last night. First of all. This is where we talk about resolve and be able to win games. You put Lambert out there for spots start right, And it's funny in that big Coliseum. Every ball looks like it's going to go out. But you realize how big that places and so a lot of fly ball out for Lambert hats off to him. Give you five innings gave me a quality. Start What you needed, right? Bullpen. Tick comes in, takes care of it. Raymond Burr gives him a couple of Rhonda Raymond Burr. But he comes in there and then Hendrix get to save his 33rd. So I like that. When I saw Lloyd, go down, I said, Boy. That's tough, but he shows you these guys are like a bre. You. Um a lawyer. None of these guys are so tough cap when he goes down with that ball, right, and he goes down like he got shot, right? And he stays in the ballgame. He goes around third raising for the play These slides in that man that didn't look good. There's a reason why he was hurting, but he yet he still was able to score a run. I really like that. He could have like he could have been out of the game. He tried amazing to think of the depth in your bullpen still after trading away Cody Hoyer. Yes, who I talked to someone at the Cubs this weekend, and they said We absolutely him or Roman Wick is going to be our closer next year, Sir. They love this kid love them and Rick Hahn told me off the air, and he told us on the air. That's why the trade did not get done The day of the two para trade, he said, because jet was insistent if you're giving if you're getting Craig Kimbrel because I got other shooters like Tampa Bay. I'm getting Cody Hoyer in that deal with Madrigal. Sure, and Rex and I don't want to give him a throws. 98. He is got a chance just needed a fresh starting Some confidence, So it's always good to be in a fresh new address. Because now it's a fresh coat of paint for Hoyer, right, And you've got to try something to get something, but your bullpen still has. Yeah. Erin. Bummer. Yes, Still has. Kimbrel still has to pere who has been outstanding since the Cubs traded him to you guys. Liam Hendriks you mentioned Ryan Burr like there's impact, Raymond. Right when he falters, Raymond When he's good. Then he's right. Exactly. Don't you just follow along the show? Just follow the show can stop correcting me. So you have death? Yes. Just got to get your starters healthy. I got more than a little concern for you about Carlos rode down. I am concerned. Also. Let's go back to the rodent notes that we discovered about three weeks ago. Road, Don, For whatever reason, he always needs more time to warm up.

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