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A o we'll talk about genes becher who's who was going on to beat a coordinator in new york in in a moment but he was a candidate that was in house if they want to go defense and yell a lot of folks thought it yongin after bringing a new quarterback might be a young guy this might be the early draft one do you bring in the offense of guru and and try and go that way so to bring into defensive guy from outside the organization was surprised not not that wilkes is undeserving but if it was it was a bit of a surprise move by that logic surprised me surprised becher arizona's defense ranked tire than carolinas in a lot of meaningful categories last year and they don't have luke keithly running things out there on the field i know wilkes did a lot of stuff schematic lean he earned that job in arizona and he's he had a nice season he got himself on that list as well that coaching search list i thought the teams around the league caught up to carolinas new approach a little bit late in the season and started exploiting all the blitzing they were doing they blitzed out of his own coverage riches most teams blitz out amanda mansell was a little bit unusual n that left more space in the zones and teams gobbled up that space especially new orleans at times arizona on the other hand they got better in their blitz packages late in the season these started coming off the edge retire and matthew bhutto baker they've got the personnel for that they were a step ahead of defenses late or offenses late in the year they finished the season stronger schematic lee then the panthers did so i if it's between those two i probably would've gone batteries also younger plus he's been a defensive coordinator longer than wilkes but i have i don't have any trouble with the steve wilks hiring in and of itself fell yeah yeah and look they they have a than they have a lot of it.

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