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If this distance ends up being an issue for some of these horses, which I think it could team colors. I have no concerns about the mile and an eighth. I think this is really what he wants will find out if the pace compromise ZIM, but should be a little bit of a decent price in the river city. I'll go with team colors now it's time for a look at the time formula spotlight, David Arrigoni. He's going to go up to act would take a look at the red spin. Everyone. I'm David Aragona coming to this week's time formulas spotlight, I'm here at a pretty snowy New York City, and whether it's been a pretty difficult thing to deal with New York as of late so interprets it has been in jeopardy for the past few days. We're going to discuss a trophy race on Saturday at Abbott, but we'll see how the weather plays out. Hopefully, this race stays on the turf does stay on the turf, it's likely yielding or soft. I'm talking about race eight on Saturday. It's degree three red Smith handicap for older horses going the mile and three eighths on the turf around three turns of the Ecuador turf course and you pretty diverse field large field. It's a full field of horses. If you may trek only are also drawn towards the outside, but thirteen hundred turf only ten we'll get to run because that's the limit placed on the body of the field in this race, the horse that's likely to go favored Zulu alpha who's one of the forces that is like the Ford the place in this race. And you take a look at the time when we must pay projector while it's not predict a pace that's necessarily going to be fast or slow. There are a few horses industries to prefer to play out towards. The front of the pack. One of those obviously the number two or village came along shot in this race. But he does his best writing up towards the front. He's gonna have to improve a horse that is I think is going to be a bit more for Lee placed in the pace Jeter, really indicates is the number one horse Teodoro. He only has one racing netted states where they said pretty slow paced, the turf classic route very software, of course. That's not really a true indication of where his page pace figures might be if he had a large body of work in the US. So I think he's a horse that might be closer than the projector actually indicates and do the of he's the number three horse Hupa. I race up close to the pace doesn't really need the league, but he'll be up near the front of the pack. And we'll take a look at the zoo. Because I really do think he is the horse to beat in this race. His last to speak figures have just been very solid one twenty six one Twenty-three probably a number somewhere in the mid to high one twenties. It's going to be good enough to win this race on the time for speed figure scale Zulu alpha has really been on stoppable since they took the blinkers offer later this year. He's trying to third race in a real actually for third different trainers. Mike. Maker takes over for John Ortiz who will within last time the sycamore Keeneland. He got a very good trip at sycamore just kind of stock on the inside the entire way the rail opened up at the top of the stratagem seemed like there was really good fresh round for him to come through the inside. And he went through that whole in just proved better than Arklow actually actually team back render well Breeders Cup Turf finishing fourth net very tough spot. But Zulu alpha he's going to have to bring it forms, New York. He's going to have to face some really tough horses, which he hasn't really done before going distance that he hasn't done that much because while he did handle returns in the sycamore last time. He's really been more of a tutor worse for the majority of his career. He really up going at distance last time. So we'll see if this is what he wants to do. I think he is the worst to beat a project store at a pretty good trip that short price only take a look at some other horses one horse that I'm kind of disappointed is drawn..

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