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I i became aware of you probably similar to three hundred million so other human beings <hes> when stumbled upon a video online that showed you walking across the stage for college <hes> graduation and for those listening. You may be like why with three hundred million people watch a video like that. It's a janke cellphone video. There's no production company and we're going to deconstruct that why that was so mind blowing and so moving for so many people and <hes> so it's nice to be sitting here with you and kind of to dive into that back story you part of that has to do with i guess this your attraction to lead into sports as young kid. <hes> tell me over that yeah so just a grown-up. I love sports. I love competition and football in particular because he kinda let your you can be rough and you can be physical and you kinda let out anger and aggression. Although i wasn't wasn't an angry person i'm not at all very aggressive but when you put on the shoulder pads and the helmet like this aggression this new persona kind of comes out and it's just kind of fun and to be physical and tough and i was known for being physical and tough house able to continue my playing career. Go play college. Football ball wasn't like a big school like a full ride scholarship or anything like that but <hes> still be able to play competitive football strep on the shoulder pads and it was october sixteenth exceed two thousand ten his win the six game this season as a freshman is win. Everything really changed for me. <hes> were are you. I mean it's interesting. Also that you kind of say like step into this different identity when you are strapped on the past because i've heard that story from so many people right now it's almost like it it allows you to access a different part of yourself or did you feel like you really stepping into a whole different person access at different part of yourself that you don't don't let out again i wasn't i'm an aggressive person friendly. Happy go lucky. I'm a i'm a lover none of fighter but again you got the shoulder pads <hes> helmet on you feel invincible which is also part of the reason why there's a lot of injuries then also take place because when you put the helmet on you put the shoulder pad you think oh oh i'm invincible. I have protection <hes> i can go harder and faster and not get hurt wore. Obviously it's not the case but <hes> as things. Let's get more safe with protection also than you feel a bit more. You don't hold back as much yeah. We're you sort of like a risk taking aggressive kid just in general i was. I love a thrill and i that's something i've always enjoyed so coming up. Just like that quote fateful day <hes> you're in in college. You're planning game. Walk me through what happens. Yeah so six game season eighteen years old again freshman at luther college decor is small school and <hes> i'm on the kickoff team and remember running out for the kickoff and the kicker huddles with up and he calls the play mortar kick right which simply the short hiring hiring kick to the right side of the field and i don't know why would he just kick right because the kicker was so bad. Every kick was short and high arching but i'm excited because i play on the right side of the feel like this is my opportunity to make an impact and to be recognized. I'm trying to work my way up the ranks and <hes> so the ball kicked. I'm sprinting downfield pars. I can go and i see this opening forming and i know that bulk carrier. It's going to run through that whole. He's trying to score a touchdown. I'm going to stop them. My dry my shoulder so hard through his legs eggs. Hopefully he'll drop the ball while he's run through that hole and i hit him at full speed by mistake on my jump just by a split second so instead did of getting my head in front of the ball carry..

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