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Then fumbled on their next possession that led to another case day touchdown then it's now thirty, five, twenty, eight. Then Oklahoma on the next drive is punting have a pie maybe it was an extra made with two drives can't remember. Oklahoma then had a punt blocked. That put really good field possession for K. State. They scored another touchdown with thirty, five, thirty, five and eight minutes left in the game tie game and you'd think, well, Hey, no worry tie game shirts ugly. But well, Oklahoma scores it will had they've been doing really well, all game. Yeah. Couple miscues Oklahoma's GONNA. Be totally fine. But by that point, you're missing your center. The offense was really struggling pressure kept getting Home Dispenser Rattler. And then even when Oklahoma did success on offense. They had multiple times a just penalties pulled them back not to mention on a fourth and one they went for that a quarterback sneak part of the problem was a new center where I'm sure that Spencer rather who's almost never under center probably never got under center snaps from the backup center. On fourth and when it's kind of weird. Fourth in one year Oklahoma. You're known for your crazy. Creative offense. I was disappointed watching Oklahoma going why on fourth and one is your play call a quarterback sneak year okay. Ohama your Lincoln Riley. You're the most creative innovative offensive coach the entire country. That's your best play call in fourth and one. I don't believe that it's not true. I was very disappointed that fourth and one call. But Oklahoma by the way they didn't get the fourth down. And I now the final nail in the coffin guest for Oklahoma and Spencer. Rattler. was that. His third interception was a bad throw high. High in behind his receiver running to the right. and. That's a holcomb elastic state. They just kind of blew the Game Wide Open the coaching failures. Defensive blown assignments office, of line was struggling Spencer Rather, mis-throw Spencer Rattler by the way has like. The craziest best and college football for him to miss throw like that. It's pretty mind blowing and out now moving forward I gotTA. Say. For Oklahoma, I still feel really good about their quarterback, Spencer Rattler Spencer out a star quarterback as talent is undeniable. He's one of the. Premier quarterbacks in college football I think he has probably the best arm talent in college football and it's not just armed. He makes good decisions. He despite three interceptions sound really bad one wasn't his fault one, the role and the other was just a great play by the defense I go. Okay. Three probably should have been one and I mean he has plays where. He steps up extends play and I think as you watch Oklahoma throughout the year they're learning with the new quarterback his first year they're gonNA learn that. Okay. Oklahoma. Oklahoma's got extended. Play a little bit more. Probably roll out to the right to left get spencer rather outside of the pocket especially with her office a line really struggling they are the right tackle. The right what other tackles really was not doing I. Don't know why I can't remember it but I don't WanNa say the wrong one they had a tackle who's a big concern on the line, and now Oklahoma's defense is also..

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