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All these office of quarters. They do that why in general why in person? No, that's that's something. They've they've been used to plan buddies eight as the league's reaction to these offenses thrown it all over the place putting up forty fifty points a game. Well, now, we just have to go dime. And and now teams are saying, oh, well, they're going to do that. Now, we're going to run it on you, and the depresses scarring where you want you want the smaller gun a box, you know, because you can motion running back back into the backfield. And you can run the ball to is there an issue at receiver for Tom Brady. Be the weirdest. One of them all at gronk. Okay. He's got a bad back and he's taken a. Physical beating and it's one of the weird paradoxes. I always point at in pro sports people say he's the biggest guy on the field. Shouldn't he last the longest though is the common denominator in all collegiate boarded anybody Mideast move on and play somebody else. The next week. Rob gronkowski is always in those collisions at Justice shack was just as Earl Campbell was Mariola meal. And so on the big guys are the ones who take the biggest beating over the course of time. So fine with him. Maybe Jillian elements a little slower the weirdest. One of autumn is Josh Gordon. Why don't they feed him? I'm not sure I know your drop the one the hitting right into chest for the first down. He dropped it. And then he had one hit him in the Elbe. Right. I just understand what was going on. Just get him in space period. You know, it's it's. It's easy to say. But how do we know that Pittsburgh did understand that take that away to you know, even element? You know, he had a he had a couple of jobs. He didn't he wasn't himself. And nobody's perfect. I didn't play the game. Perfect by any means. But we are used to seeing these guys routinely make plays make certain plays. And it just hasn't happened HOGAN, what was he not wild. Right. That they gave they gave him the ball in Spain. And somebody's one oh one, right? He chance to tie that game. They said we we gave you half the field. Chris HOGAN beat one guy out there. And and you know, they made a nice guy, you know, for that for that side of things the Steelers tackled better than they have in three years in that game. And it was a subtle thing. I don't even know how you coach that in two thousand eighteen but they were finishing off tackles as a group. I mean, they were banging those guys they were going to the post to. The Cowboys at the best. But it's hard to do that though. And you gotta also a lot of guys, though, hustle may. We're hitting them hard out there. And that's what you gotta do. I think they had in their mind that every single play. You know, we've got to have eleven to football. We can't give these guys inch coming through that why would region right. Why wouldn't you? You know, they're tired of it. They're at home their backs are kind of gets the wall you drop that game Baltimore wins. Now you pollen bent over. Yeah. Not in the playoffs. Like the scenarios? They say, you know, you're Ben talk about. Whoa. We don't know if we're at the crossroad you were at the cross world. You're right there and go after the fact they all admitted. Yeah, we do we just couldn't say that before. Right. And then lastly, talk about getting hit and all that sort of thing we've talked about that before old guys old QB's don't lose their arm. It doesn't just magically turn mortal. The issue is that most of those guys start to understand their own mortality as human beings, and they don't like taking the beating anymore once their late thirties. Early forties..

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