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That is chilling i mean it it i'd i think you don't want i'm talking about where a bear can it enters the room their and gas death of a classic horror movie trope without which i appreciate is a trope that i appreciate and central that i hate the aptly one i appreciate it's the something's in the rue i need to stansted will be quiet though doesn't see her smelly um and i i like any plays off wellness ruled it puts off well i think also because not only is it taking that trope it it is adding an additional element that was completely surprising and again ilves creepy oh supercrew because in the shimer we see that hybridization of of people and places and hoof yeah it was that there was intense uh so yeah i think that i mean those are the main points uh the way this kind of through the movie ins because it is based off of book series there is the possibility that they could do other things but if they do he definitely is not involve alex garland says that now but you know the presumption movie makes the czech look like embassay upfront oh i would never do seek water he said i have i don't have any plans under this equal doesn't mean he would never do a sequel so far did not go so far this kind of floundering at the box office though so we will see we'll see kind of what legs it has over the next couple of weeks yes got a tough it's it's an a tough spot is is still up against by panther cutting people under under estimated what it would do mmhmm and then also is israel right up on um reglin time yeah i think at allies will definitely be abboud the people were watch once he hit streaming services there i could see that and i think we for a dimension even though we mentioned natalie portman husband uh oscar isaac is is in this year and he is great as always i'm not sure i can think of an oscar isaac performance that i did not like oh i'm sorry did you miss uh in the left it's been movie.

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