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A very special new york city vacation addition off inside the parker. Let's go back to lead off. It's getting rough and keep them up. Rob's hot take the three biggest stories in major league baseball number one so it is a vacation edition of inside the parker. I'm in new york normally in los angeles and of course being in new york. I'm going to baseball games. I went to a yankees game on father's day at the stadium. I went to a mets braves. Tilt on tuesday night at city field. So i've been covering baseball catching baseball and the yankees game on sunday. On father's day. I was there for the triple play which ended the game which was pretty amazing and last night. Of course the braves beat the mets. But i wanna talk about the yankees and what's going on. I mean they're still in the hunt. They're still above five hundred for my goodness. Something has to change last night against the royals. In a game that they laws garrett cole had the lead in the eighth inning and somehow the yankees still lost it but they will go for ten with runners in scoring position and they left thirteen men on all night and lost six to five and the yankees are really scuffling batting to seventeen with runners scorn position which is incredible and the yankees now only two other teams in baseball worse than the yankees to eleven to seventeen batting average. And that's the pittsburgh pirates at to eleven and the milwaukee brewers at two or three so this team is like all or nothing swinging for the fences home runs or strikeouts. I mean not driving in ron's leaving guys on based and not making contact moving people over sacrifice flies. This has to stop. i mean this is. This is mind boggling. Bad the yankees are and yet. They're still over five hundred which is shocking. And they're still in the playoff hunt number two. Yes sir two ways sensation. Shohei me the money otani. That's what i like to call. That's right made history again on wednesday and as he hit for himself at the pitcher and was second in the batting line-up against the giants right even with the designated hitter rules in place. It marked the first time in major league. History that an american league team chose not to use the d. age and a national leaked us one alex dickerson with the da for the giants and he had second and of course otani Made history by doing that is just it. This is an unbelievable on year to watch this guy be a two way player and continue to swing the bat. Well and pitch well Otani was making his eleven start of the year. he entered. wednesday's game tied for the major league. Lead in home runs with twenty three Sitting to sixty nine in sixty eight games and he's also set a career high in making the eleven start He had made ten starts in his rookie year and twenty eighteen. So he's doing it all. I think he looks like he could be the. Mvp of the american league no matter where the angels finished but what a guy he is must see tv otani every day making history for baseball number. Three good news for the home run derby. Pete alonso the mets masher has decided that he is going to partake in the home. Run derby in denver. That's great news. He will defend his title from two years ago. Of course there was no all star game. No homerun derby a last year during the pandemic and the first baseman announced on instagram wednesday that he will indeed participate in his second career derby next month next month in july after winning at derby and twenty nineteen so that is good news to see the big man swing the bat. Otani has announced that he is going to be a part of the home. Run derby as well and everybody knows the home run. Derby has become a must see event. you know and rivaling the the all-star game itself and it's great that unlike the nba where some of the biggest stars don't wanna participate in here. Some of the biggest stars in the game wanna participate in the home run derby. I think it's great. It's a great way to sell a game. It's exciting and that's great news. Can't wait. I will be in denver for that all star game it gives you an all star addition of the inside the park or so. Stay to for the. It's time for the pocket. Protector central the analytic numbers. You need to know. Well maybe anthony masterson name be analytics is is gay. What do you got for me anthony. The beauty of baseball in the statcast era is every little detail is now recorded for nerds like me to fall over but the metrics that have come along a little more slowly than others are the fielding numbers. But what we're seeing now though. Is the glove work. start to become more common. Let's azam fund was sabermetrics showy. First off any bad ball to the outfield comes down to catch probability which the likelihood for a ball to be caught with metrics like opportunity time that is the moment the balls released by the pitcher and a distance needed to make that. Catch the metric outs. Above average is the sum of all batted balls hit to an outfielder where the plays either credited to their overall number or debited. If they don't make the play for example a fielder catch a ball with a twenty five percent catch probability he gets a plus zero point seven five to his season long ledger though if he doesn't make that play it's a minus zero point two five now with those catch probabilities. They're divided into categories from one star which ninety one to ninety five percent catch probability five-star which is zero to two twenty five this year boston's kika hernandez has the most five-star catches with three while. A pair of raise lead outs. Above average as manuel margot and brett phillips prove their value to keep balls from falling even if their offense has been a bit shakey and reminder. It's not just about dinger's and strikeouts anymore fox. Sports radio has the best sports talk lineup. In the nation catch all of our shows at fox sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s. are to listen why we are so close to being together. We can sense it from hearts beating out of our chest sense that whisper. I love you too. Hugs and kisses from childhood because getting closer and closer together is priceless. Learn more about the covid. Nineteen vaccines at mastercard dot. Us slash gadfly support and start something priceless. Here's something good from the seneca women podcast network and iheartradio is a great way to start your day on the.

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