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In downtown but also in suburban locations and I wanted to talk to a rate capital one of the owners of capitals to see what impact the covert nineteen had on the business and also the impact of the riding things in that character and I think for the very first time ray capital welcome to the bill Cunningham show and ready how are you I'm doing well bill thanks for having the fun let's go back in time for those like Tony Bender lives in northern Kentucky has no idea what capsules does either maybe you have heard the name what this cap was doing how long to be done where are we we've been around this year we celebrate seventy five years in business bell and capsules started out as a display companies selling department stores a lot of their window interior pieces and interiors for their stores and of course that business all went sal as time went on so we are to getting more into the party business and and and the nineteen seventy area in the early years we thought Gee you know we kept hearing there's such a need for costumes and accessories and things for Halloween and other theme of ants let's go after this particular end of things so basically we have three stores today we have downtown Anderson in blue ash and may have a good website up and that's pretty much where we're we're focused in those areas right now great kabbalist talk about the downtown location talk about him and the other two to also about covert nineteen which way we're going off for two to four months the cupboard to it's been here since January we largely shut down things in Ohio March the twenty second it's been about a little over two and a half months since I began what impacted covert nineteen have on campus well it it it's it's certainly had a dramatic impact on our business we were in all of our stores closed for two months to would go along with the governor's request and and but but during that time some some pretty interesting things sort of happen bell first of all curbside service was looked for by some of our customers and we talk and did that and it was the costume sales during that time we were were fairly interesting we were finding people coming and I I mean my wife would say to me GT we have another inflatable T. rex costume one of the people doing more things about it and so we found that this was being purchased by a lady in the suburbs because she wanted to walk through the whole her whole area to put smiles on people's faces the mask but she wanted a mass that was a T. rex outfit that's about a body dinosaur that's great that's right and and the eight you know even our costume sales during that time on the web were fairly decent and then then what happened is that as the code of it started to ease a little bad even better but even at its heights there started to be a lot of outside celebrations going on with people and and and I'm sure you've seen them your viewers have seen where somebody's having a birthday so we can all get together it's against the law you know so we we got a ring in our cars were gonna put friend John and all this type of thing running out Happy Birthday signs we're going to stop just you you you modify in your job it's been the same thing was true for graduation you know we know the the ticket on that too with most of the schools they weren't able to hold the commencement ceremonies but still the the graduation business had been you know pretty decent but really overall I mean if you ask do you know how to cope with the fact apple sure it affected us in a negative way and yeah everybody there's there's just no ways around it but we just kept looking at how can we keep modifying our business during this time to at least bring in something less now let's jump ahead to your store downtown it is but I think it's right there by court street in about vine something like that according to court now man so you guys are doing you're saying you're adjusting your keeping the business alive doing your best the business's been through the rights of sixty eight maybe not you but your family sixty seven sixty eight sixty nine and one zero one it was right there in the area what happened what happened a few days ago when the rights began to your business what happened it it it it really took us by shock and surprise because the the damage that happened to our buildings was on Friday evening and it seems like it started in our costume store business our building which is located at the on race street right a block away from us and the plate glass windows were smashed and then the with the people who work in that area protesting they removed the mannequins from the window I mean life sized heavy mannequins were out talking about some kind of an in flight he's here you know or whatever and they removed costumes they removed the wigs from the window anything that was basically in the window was pretty much take and and then from there what happened is that and and we can only assume that sweet we have like twenty four seven surveillance cameras on our buildings just you know keep an eye on things and so we would then see that some of the protesters were then going down Elm Street and when they got to our windows say they smashed their windows they're using some of the mannequin parts that were removed from the other buildings like an arm or a leg or whatever it might be and so when we came down Saturday morning we were just like in awe I mean we that was probably the most damage that we've ever encountered as a downtown business and raise capital when this was going on in real time did you and your family ever have the idea while it was going on I'm driving there to stop him no not at all because and I'll tell you why bill because we didn't really know that anything like this was going to happen ugh I I'll tell you exactly what happened yeah we we work six and seven days a week because we're just a small business and we're trying to do is make a living at that what we do and so it's Saturday morning and it's like seven in the morning and you know even practice get ready to come down my wife comes down who works with me in the business as well and she says I guess the other attached from rich and rich is the other co owner of capitol she's my cousin and it says looks like we were hit pretty hard last night I'll be down to help as soon as possible so it was just such a shock such a surprise that this all was going on so we we don't have any kind of time frame to get any reaction if you know what I mean we we were just so taken in by the whole thing and then you know then it comes the Saturday morning and you're down here and I do I I do have to say that the the three CDC people were very decent and helping us and the clean up somebody actually told us I think who was it was one of the the news people who were across the street filming one of our buildings they said you know one twelve and behind I I think I saw mannequins outside the building up there they may be yours you may want to go up so my wife and myself got in the car we drove up there to try and and and see and we taken rescue any of these guys and as we drove up there I mean we were just like oh my gosh this looks like a war zone I mean that you know in terms of what we were saying that but the thing that I did notice is that everyone was pitching in and helping hello everyone and and that was really I tell you that's the really decent thing about Cincinnati and and it was it was people of all nationalities I mean our business is very supported by the black community we thank them for that and but but anyway that's that's sort of how it all came about so we spent the majority of Saturday morning cleaning up pretty much have you given a thought after your family for seventy five years you lost tens of thousands of dollars but you were in shock about what you so I have you given thought to boarding up and leaving and saying to hell with that I don't wanna deal I'm not going to wait for the next ride for the night next in justice to take place that some were used as an excuse to load my business when you're in your family's got nothing to do with it right in well those fleeting thoughts might go through you know our minds but we're try and you know really stay positive we're trying to stay persistent and and are thinking and say you know we we can make it through this we we've we've got to be able to continue to go on you know that that it's it's funny I was talking to a guy about this at a trade show back in January when I was there he's a small time business guide to ease out of Oklahoma City and I said he's he's down to like two people have taken this business now he said the one where you go in every day you know what what where when you're going to call it quits for these as you now he says I come in because of the legacy of the business he says and that's what I come in to work for every day and I think that's a lot of what chapels is all about you know started fire dad's back in nineteen forty five can you do you're not moving he can't give it up no you really don't want to give it up you know and any any and we're very much supported by the the people within communities so when we lock them and we and we love our customers and you know one thing about this this it's really sort of coal bell is that you know there's all always some kind of celebration comes on so when people come in to see us are usually happy there smiling and we know that we hopefully add to the festivities that they're going to and there's a lot of satisfaction in that now lastly yeah one little capsules be back to normal when whether be glass on the windows when when the inventory be stocked how long will it take for capitals to be back to the way it was as of us that Hey as a week ago okay our answer to that would be inventory wise we're in great shape we have a our main building here is six stories tall it's just chock full of inventory report we're not going to run out of inventory anytime soon in terms of windows my business partner rich he's addressed the other ready with a window company and we're thinking within the next we we we should have the word excel things and have a lot to work what made the comment so a certain Sunday at two o'clock one o'clock PM I drove down and I walk with my friend Shaun Donovan opened that we walked up and down Vine Street we walk to Washington Park drove up there and I made the comment there's wood a lot of what on the windows other than that there were people having brunch outside on the sidewalk there were people in Clifton that were out walking around it was as if it hadn't happened and then it shows again ray capital the resilience of Americans who want to see this thing work you're in for seventy five years you're likely be into this business seventy five more years other businesses have been devastated I can't imagine what it's like at the eagle or other restaurants downtown in which you must maintain six Ford separation I mean that business does business as Belgium waffle would be devastated because of the rules of government but you're not in that business but you can understand how restaurant businesses are devastated by having two kids six month separation by throwing out all the inventory in the middle of March getting ready for two and a half months of the pandemic and then coming out of the pandemic there ready to stock up and open it here comes the rioters looting their businesses throwing things around destroying it when you can't get insurance anyway especially a small black business that cannot have the same financial background as other businesses and they're devastated so you have sympathy for that but at the at the end of the day you're in a business that was not profoundly affected by the six what separation as other businesses are but right we got to run because of time constraints I wanted to get John there to give your story but ray capital capitals within a week completely back to normal but they give my best of the folks in capitals and thank you for coming on the bill Cunningham show thank you thanks bill really a perfect thanks again right Catholic chapels downtown should be a ten Lewis let's continue with more on this this clearly points out how resilient the Eric and people are I mean it's just incredible to see how we are some businesses will recover like apples I think other businesses may not recover because they can't I don't know what a restaurant does that employees in America total about fourteen million Americans in the hospitality business there in the restaurant business I don't know how you recover from both both hits it's going to be damn near impossible so let's continue with more blood becomes available five one three seven four nine seven thousand pounds.

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