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Happens during the day. Join Dave's Final Romantics Wealth management weekdays at 4 40 for the money, Talk minute Market updates, insights and what's impacting your money. The money Talk minute Romantics Wealth manager WTMJ five Day forecast for tonight cloudy skies Foggy more showers A little 37 tomorrow cloudy and foggy. Ain't likely high of 46 Thursday for Thanksgiving. Partly cloudy and nice high of 50 degrees Friday. Mostly sunny and cool. High of 45 Saturday sunny and breezy high of 46. Then on Sunday cloudy and windy could get an isolated shower high 45 degrees. Not Madison. It's 38 35 degrees in Green Bay Block his shot 39 in Milwaukee. It's 40 degrees. I'm Tony Braddock. NewsRadio wtmj. This is Wtmj Nights. $114,315 in Turkey's I would have said That is an unbelievable goal. That would be an unbelievable amount. Holy crap people. That is amazing Whether you're the head of an organization that donated hundreds of turkeys. It doesn't matter. You were touched by this. Your generosity is unmatched and behalf of all of us at the biggest stick at this in the state. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and another one hell of a job. And a hell of a job done. She's the primary was cheese, his alternate and crackers. No good, but no cheese. Think they tried to stay away from cheese and cheese and cheese? Jesus talking, no wine. No. She was gotten cure cancer she's and give me something here and flailing Cheez its one dish. Cheese and dipped, you know? No, She's Z potatoes. Cheese is not the first letter word in this dish. Oh, blank and cheese. Yes, have no chance,.

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