Facebook, Russia, White House discussed on Boss Files with Poppy Harlow


In this episode of boss violence we are the a precipice right now we are at a point where we need to make these decisions who need to decide what kind of a society that we're going to have delhi ford salesforce founder and ceo mark danny on his fight for gender equality inside his own company tended across filling in valley why he's put six million dollars into the effort so far but says they're not done pay gap had salesforce he says he is deeply concerned technological advancement may lead to more any oualadi also why he says some of his fellow tech giants like facebook and twitter may need more regulation in the wake of russia's election meddling and his sobering take on the state of politics today with delegate these things with political figures do not going to get done also what he pushed president trump when they were one on one at the white house and house indeed jobs changed his life here's my interview with salesforce ceo mark venue on park any off nice to have you thanks for being with us but it's great to be here thanks should welcome by the way to reinforce word san francisco i would be there were not allowed to have a baby boy so congratulations thank you next year next year so let's talk about fifteenth annual dream force and you had the former first lady michelle obama on stage with you this morning you interviewed her pretty unfiltered for an hour boy it was great actually what stood out.

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