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Study of some of the fires that we have seen one of them was the sugar low fire to learn from the local community what we can do better in addressing these wildfires but also what we can do a better job when it comes to that the prevention right and the restoration as well along with the suppression governor Gavin Newsom delivered the keynote address at the opening of it and said climate change remains one of the most pressing issues not only for the lake but for all of California the first like Tahoe summit began in nineteen ninety seven with the help of president Bill Clinton and vice president Al Gore meanwhile the Tahoe forest fund has been unveiled Amy very C. E. O. of the nonprofit she says it'll provide seed funding to public and private sector to improve the health of forests we thank you for your rating of private funding we can really drive innovation and technology into the space and we can make Tahoe the artist forest on the planet berry says the Sierra Nevada forest is home to more than a hundred million dead trees and in the Tahoe basin tree mortality is exported to one hundred sixty thousand in the past few years the Tahoe funds granting money to study the habitat of the California spotted owl to build an observatory and restart the Carson city biomass facility and it's five oh seven coming up at five eleven there is a non profit that helps other charities that now needs all little help for itself now we'll get you caught up on all this hour's top national stories on news ninety three point one K. F. became from ABC news on Chelsea written while maintaining the U. S. economy is strong.

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