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It's really great. Yeah, Number one for me. Wow, I should go revisit. It's been so long since I've seen Has everyone says it's Lee Trevino? Is that who it is? I don't know. Sabrina Ritchie if it's not received, But I will tell you there's somewhere if if you although you probably have an awareness because it was such a big movie, and people still like, I think told her loves Happy Gilmore. I think I heard him quoted, but also the That's the one copes world where Sandler gets into a fistfight with Bob Barker, right? Yeah, I'm familiar with the main chunks of it. I've seen as clips of it, and I'm familiar with the barker. The price is right, B. You got Carl Weathers with one hand, You know, I just haven't ever seen it. Start to finish sitting down. Start to finish. What's in all Weathers? Guy's name Copes. What's his character? Sugarman comes Peterson. That's it. Shut up! Shoot him A Gavin. I said there's no shooter. McGavin is Christopher McDonald. Latest performer for Let me reinforces again. Shoot him. Re Gavin T. To me. He's probably the best part of the whole movie shooting Me. Gavin is also the guy who played the father in Salt Lake City punk from that sound bite and play all the time. That Yeah, that okay, I gotta I gotta bring us back real quick, So it's not Retief Goosen. But here's the deal. It's Lee Trevino, who, with the Western Open near Chicago in 1975 was struck by Lightning has suffered injuries to his spine that this is why I assume great connections was true. It was Retief Goosen at least one of the great players of all time. I mean, a guy who stared Jack Nichols in the face and beat him and probably want you like this once and on the final round of a major championship showed up on the final. He was paired with Jack reached into his bag and threw a rubber snake it Jack on the tee box just to rattle on like you tell me, Nice rattling. Yeah, that's great. I didn't even mean that. It's a joke. That's just it was. It was totally accidental. That's crazy. Dude, that's such a V knows a guy who was he was he had a million one liners is an incredible story. He's Mexican, the son of Mexican immigrants. He came up from the Munich of South Texas, like total non 1%, or total non country clubber. No Mexican Americans were out there winning championships. Several Lee Trevino groundbreaker in so many ways beat necklace on many occasions when no stakeout for God's sake, let's take Adam. And then had this reputation is like sort of the call them the Merry Mex. Polly. The merry moment M e R R y the Merry Mex So, But the story was that if that if you were around for a long time that he was he was not at all There was when, when the cameras were off that he could be a real Real D and an egomaniac and all this stuff, Okay, reading this all leads to one great line in the press room from back in the day. 40 Niner press room 1997 something like that. I don't know. Ira Miller, who did some golf riding the great are you know I ran his whole roll How he rolls, right? Yeah. And so we were talking about somehow, some way we got on golf and somehow, some way somebody mentioned Lee Trevino and I said the Merry Becks and Iris typing at his laptop and says That May. Ochoa last somewhere. Maddie's gonna How Irish, His type, and I just laptops is if he's the Merry Mex that I'm the jovial Jew dude. Legendary line legendary law revealed Ju. It was the hope somebody out there enjoyed it because Maddie and I laughed our asses off for an hour. So one of the great salty IRA comments Referred to himself as the jovial Duca's IRA was a salty guy. Yes. Yeah, all right. Another failed joke. Guy's gonna tell another one, but I'll do you. Yeah. No, I mean, you know, I'll stop it one because we're teeth. Person is the owner of my favorite line at the Masters that every time I tell it on the radio, nobody laughs. Which would be so I'm gonna go now. Right now. I'm gonna go to hear you got so far. I'm kind of digging this hole 2002 masters Retief and Tiger in the final twosome and just Plays out kind of boring. Tiger just has a two shot lead. She's kind of keeps his distance wins by three. There was no real drama to a drum. Yeah, yeah, just a standard Tiger win, And so we go to the press room. They always bringing the runner up first, and you know that's always awkward is the reporters are filing in and the and the guy has to sit there at his desk. He's just had his guts ripped out. Gonna take questions. But Retief Goosen being the super dry and droll South Africans just sitting there, and he's looking around. His people are sitting down. He just leaned into the mike and he says, Do I get the green pants for finishing second? Nice? She's right. Thought it was hilarious. Yeah. I was legendary. Yeah. Green pants, by the way. Yeah, I like that. So we can be our green pants. Yeah, never warm. Never had him. Don't do No. Then I was like, Did anybody just hear that? There's a great line because nobody laughed in the press room. No, Why not? We're bringing it back to happy Gilmore do the line from shooter McGavin where if you win their big tournament, it's called the I forget the name of their big championship. But it's ah, It's a gold jacket. You get One point somebody drops like gold jacket. Green jacket. Who gives? It s that's pretty good. Pretty good, kid. Friendly copes. No, no, no, but I mean, I saw what I think it is right now. I mean, it's not. It's PG instead of repeating their way overthink these things you're way over thinking. Do we also coach If I'm speaking isn't there also somehow isn't there like a kiss? There's a link to kiss in this movie is well, there's a whole shit, Dude, he's his grandma used to cheer both his mom leaves in his dad dies and his grammar raises him and she cheers him up by rocking a mask. Of Sheen Simmons from he's like, Yeah, my Grammy should cheer me up by wearing a Gene Simmons mask once again, Murph, the kiss Army reporting for duty and Happy Gilmore. Yeah, By the way, I don't think the text line is ever reacted to anything as much as the lead Trevino. I mean, there must be dozens of texts so far, Murph, you're dropping. Whatever Murphy's doing today he's worth connecting with the sole. Today's take was that it had to be well. I knew it had to do with Lightning Strand Institute. There's a guy who got struck by lightning is in that movie, and I swore it was it was Mistaking on the received goose and you're gonna go ahead and say, I'm gonna say like, you know, minute per minute. This is one of the strongest 30 minutes. We've done the open the show. First of all, so I was worried that it won't Judy, You can't me First of all you cannot You touch the soul with the Jamaican thing to like we saw. He did know his mother jury exactly the jury exact Peopie to do Cool runnings. I'm out here. Merc's out here touching soul. And then he comes in without with this whole lightning strikes and ran and and and you got some goose and happening. What's going on? Linked to the current sports news because the Masters is not playing and you were saying, why are they playing it? Because the threat of lightning and that that got us, Kevin found that road there. How about the fact this dude gets hit twice twice, and he's such a dry dude. People have wondered, like, did the Lightning kind of take his personality because he has no no energy at all? Yeah, he's not a lightning rod. He's one of the most droll guys of all time. So the famous.

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